Customized Tour Package

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Tour Info
Customer’s first name / last name
Company name
Number of travellers (minimum 20)
Number of rooms
Language spoken
Departure date
Departure city
Return city
Duration of the tour
Countries / cities / attractions that you would like to visit
Special requirements (conference, meeting, professional activities, visit of professional venues and other non-regular itinerary items)
Flight (possible to transit via the US)(Economic class by default. Please specify if you need to travel with other classes)
Do you request international/national tour guide who accompanies you from the first city upon arrival in the destination to the last city prior to departure from the destination, and such guide may act as a local guide in certain places / cities?

1. The validity term of the price will be available as of quotation based on the departure date;

2. Please provide travel documents and/or information of all participating customers prior to specified date, including but not limited to a copy of a valid passport, address, telephone number, Email address, credit card information, allergy, etc.;

3. Please advise us in advance if certain customers cannot make transit via the US. Such transit requirements shall be satisfied by affected customers on their own;

4. Customers shall take care of their visa application as per their passport may require. Sinorama may be available for assistance upon request;

5. The quoted price doesn’t include insurance. Sinorama strongly recommends that customers shall purchase travel insurance prior to the departure and it shall not be held liable in case that any and/or all losses occur due to the absence of such insurance;

6. Cancellation conditions shall be made available at the moment of quotation;

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