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Letters from customers

Letter  No.372

From: Heather Burton
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0605-2017-CHSB-15B #24
Date: 2017-07-17 16:48
To: Toronto office

I am writing this email to express how grateful I am for our tour guide, Harvey, when we traveled to China this past month. Harvey is an extremely knowledgeable, personable, and confident leader. We could rely on him for anything that we needed. He answered our questions. He gave us thorough explanations and information on all the sites we visited, and he was very easy to understand. His English is excellent and it does not take a lot of effort for an American to comprehend what he is saying. He's also very funny and he can always make us laugh.

In addition to all these wonderful qualities, Harvey is an approachable person and caring friend to all he meets. He shows a genuine interest in the things we like, and he is sensitive to any concerns or questions we may have. I cannot think of any other tour guide who has the same natural ability with the language and a natural ability to connect with others. He is an extremely valuable professional and I know that he will help many, many people to connect with the Chinese culture in a very meaningful way.

There are so many things that Harvey did that showed me he is committed to his job and he will go above and beyond the call of duty to help someone. There was one time on our trip when my brother lost a very expensive watch on the bus. Harvey gave up some of his free time to help us find this item, even though it was not convenient. He called the bus driver, and brought us down to the location of the bus, and we retrieved the item successfully. Not only that, but after the two weeks of being on tour in China, Harvey even wrote an individualized thank you note to each of us. It was very evident to me that we were important to him and he would always remember us. I am grateful for all he was able to share with us. He is someone who can be trusted and we were very, very lucky to have him with us as our tour guide in China.

From, Heather Burton


Letter  No.371

From: Sylvia
Subject: E0501-2017-CH-20B #6,7
Date: 2017-07-10 18:06
To: Toronto office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments Panorama of China + Yangtze River Cruise E0501-2017-CH-20B

We took the 20 day tour of China. We started in Beijing and ended in Hong Kong, covering an amazing country in a relatively short time. We had found Sinorama on the internet and booked it almost on a whim. What had we done? We were not familiar with Sinorama and started to have second thoughts, but we had already given them our money. So, China here we come.

All of our fears were for naught. The tour was all we wanted it to be and more. They did a wonderful job of making arrangements and planning the trip. The cost was more than reasonable. It included air fare from and returning to Nashville, our gateway city, all transportation in China, including the cruise ship, river boats, buses, trains and planes, all meals except for a few night meals that were optional, all side trips, tips, accommodations (all 5 star) and guides. We had one guide for the entire trip plus many local guides. We certainly got value for our dollar. The best part was our guide, Mike Zhang Peng, who was with us from Beijing to our departure from Hong Kong.

My husband and I were the oldest couple on the trip, both in our late 70's. Many times it was physically challenging with all the steps and distances to walk. Someone with a FitBit said that we walked 70+ miles! We may have been the last ones to "cross the line", but Mike always made sure that we made it and assisted us whenever we needed it. He was not obvious about it. He was just a presence, which we appreciated. He was wonderful, knowledgeable, had beautiful English, funny, and clear on instructions. He also shared with us some of his personal life. We felt that really gave us an insight into China and its people. I could go on and on about Mike.

We were able to handle our own luggage, climb the steps etc. However, there were a few times that we were struggling. Several of our fellow travelers assisted us , unasked, when we needed it. It was a wonderful group from all over the world.

We did have one mishap, which was my fault. I lost my cell phone. Mike said he would try to find it and get it to us. We thought that he would never be able to find it. Fortunately, I had my calling card taped to the back of it, with Sinorama written on the card. He contacted several of the hotels and sure enough it had been turned in to the desk. He then had to find someone with Sinorama, to hand carry it to Toronto. It could not be mailed from China because of the battery in it. Sinorama mailed it from Toronto to our home in Mississippi. It was nothing short of a miracle. We have nothing but praise for our guide, Mike, and the personnel with Sinorama. They definitely went the extra mile.

We would recommend Sinorama to anyone, family and friends. We appreciate all that everyone did to make this a wonderful and memorable trip.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.370

From: Suzy Baxter
Subject: Glorious China
Date: 2017-06-26 07:20
To: Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

We just finished our tour on June 19th and we absolutely LOVED our experience with Sinorama.

We met our group in Shanghai ( as we were coming from another tour to India).

Sinorama was always responsive and professional ( when we were in the planning phase)

Accommodations exceeded our expectations.

The meals were fairly good ( Breakfast was our favorite) , just be prepared to eat Chinese food every day , which for us it was a plus for Sinorama as it really gave us a true experience feel of China. The meals are plenty , so you will over eat. The Yangtze River cruise is mostly buffet, simply delicious, every time.

The tours and tour guides were unforgettable and so pleasant , and it thought us so much about beautiful China.

But the BEST part of our experience was Toby Li, our Tour leader. We all made a friend for life, he was caring , funny ( most Chinese we encountered were actually very funny, or tried anyway :-) ), knowledgeable, very congenial and organized. He is definitely an asset to Sinorama.

We will definitely go back to China one day, and hopefully have Toby to guide us through.

If you are considering visiting China, do not hesitate, the Country is beautiful, and with Sinorama you will be in great hands. And try your best to get Tobi Li...That will make it a Trip of a Life Time!

Allen & Suzy Baxter

Carrollton, VA USA

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.369

From: Guy Leclerc
Subject: F0528-2017-CHSB-15B #6-7
Date: 2017-06-15 13:01
To: Montreal office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments We are just returning from a fabulous 15 days trip to China, La Chine Glorieuse et le fleuve Yangtzé. We benefited from a direct flight from Montreal to Shanghai on Air Canada on a DreamLiner. The 14 hours trip did not seem all that long. The mood lighting, the excellent staff and the 3 meals schedule really helped in that regard.

We visited Shanghai, Wuhan / Jingzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an and Beijing. What hit us from the start was the population (Shanghai 24 millions or so, Chongqing 33 Millions) and the incredible number of high-rise apartment buildings in construction ... everywhere!

We took the Bullet train, 2 internal flights with Air China and we also had a short cruise on the Sinorama Gold 3 cruise ship for a 4 nights / 3 days cruise along the Yangtzé river ... an 800 km ride.

All of the hotels we stayed at were 1st class ... food was good. Don't forget you are in a different country so the preparation of the meals may be different but that is one goal of the these kind of trips ... get to know the different cultures. Aboard the cruise ship we were met by very welcoming people (all of the staff) and the food is incredible. In all of the major cities we were met by a local guide and he / she gave us loads of information and historical facts. So all in all it was a perfect trip!

Thanks to Zoé (our accompanying guide from Sinorama in Montreal) and everybody involved we had a wonderful time.

Sylvia & Guy.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet

- Others


Letter  No.368

From: :Mary Elizabeth McGrogan
Subject: Michael Huang and our Magnificent China Tour: Superb
Date: 2017-06-16 5:25 pm
To: :

We were on the Magnificent China Tour from May 11 - May 30th.

The tour was excellent and we were very fortunate to have a terrific group - 24 people who all enjoyed each other's company

I a writing to tell you about our excellent Tour Guide. Michael Huang, Michael was a logistic genius. The international One Belt, One Road conference was in Beijing at the same time that we there. Security was tight, roads and venues were closed. Michael was unflappable - he seamlessly rearranged our schedule around the availability of venues and road closures. I am sure it was a headache for him, but we didn't feel any distress.

Michael was always good humoured and attentive. Always a smile and greeting. Always helpful if something was lost or if there were concerns. Always careful to let people with allergies know what dishes they should avoid.... EVERY meal. I asked him once if he missed his family and he replied, "The group is my family." We never stopped asking him questions - poor Michael - and he made those long bus rides entertaining and informative. He created such a positive and fun atmosphere that by the end of the tour on the train and bus we were like a noisy group of students sharing food, telling jokes, teasing each other.

And he made us feel that he was having a good time too - if there was a minute that wasn't enjoying himself, we didn't know it.

I will be taking another Sinorama tour for sure. I hope that Michael Huang will be my tour-guide. He made this trip the best ever.

I am not able to be in touch with him. If you could forward a copy of this email to him, I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks you

Mary Elizabeth McGrogan


Letter  No.367

From: Steve and Paula
Subject:Re: Re: Tour Code: E0428-2017-CH-15B #13,14
Date: 2017-06-21 11:27
To: Sinorama Holidays

Re: Tour Code: E0428-2017-CH-15B #13,14

In May, my husband and I went on the Sinorama 15-Day tour of China. The tour itself was amazing. We saw everything we wanted to see in China on our first trip to the country. We were impressed with the accommodations. The hotels were first-class although they were quite far from the cities. We especially enjoyed the hotel buffet breakfasts. The group meals were good, but the all seemed the same.

The one thing that made our tour better than any other groups, was our guide Peng (Pong) Song. Pong was always cheerful. He had very interesting stories about his personal experiences and Chinese history. He is very intelligent and well-versed in American history, culture, language and slang. He made the tour very enjoyable. In many cases during the tour, Pong went out of his way to make sure that our group's accommodations, reservations, and sight-seeing were the best they could be.

We would love to take another tour with Pong again.

Steve and Paula


Letter  No.366

From: Margaret O'Connor
Subject:Re: Tour Code: E0509-2015-CH-15B #16
Date: 2017-06-21 11:27
To: Sinorama Holidays

Re: Tour Code: E0509-2015-CH-15B #16

I am writing to tell you how the tour guide, John Wen of Sinorama Holidays, made the 14 day trip so enjoyable. I was part of a group of four old ladies who traveled together from Boston and by the end of the trip had earned the title of "Dragon Ladies". We all had various physical limitations, poor sense of time, and unbridled curiosity. We gave John ample opportunity to display his wonderful sense of humor and extreme patience. More than anything, I would like to point out to you how knowledgeable John was of the historic background of each city we visited. Coming from a teaching background, I was more than impressed with John's ability to explain the culture and customs of each city we visited. He went to great lengths to make sure we were able to exchange our money, find our baggage, and get correct connections in each location. John was the perfect guide and escort, seeing to every detail of our needs. Thank you for having him accompany us on the Imperial tour.


Margaret O'Connor

Dragon Lady #4


Letter  No.365

From: Mark Core
Subject: Re: E0530-2017-CH-12A
Date: 2017-06-17 05:43
To: Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments My wife Patricia, son Jason, and I just returned home from the Dream of China 12-day tour and we are very pleased with our experience. The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Great Wall, and Terracotta Warriors were all fascinating. The hotels were great and the Yangtze River cruise was delightful. We also had several shorter stops at places like the panda zoo and the Jingzhou museum that made travel days into memorable experiences as well. Overall the tour was great and an unbelievable value.

But what really made our trip so special was our guide Mary Li. The logistics of a tour like this are daunting, but Mary made it easy for the whole group with all her preparation, hard work, and care, always looking out for us. All the while, she also made time for any special needs or requests, questions, or just friendly conversation. She consistently went beyond the call of duty for our group. Finding lost items, helping the weaker guests on stairs, even directing traffic for our bus. Mary is more than just a great tour guide. She is a kind, sincere, and generous person and I feel honored to call her our friend. People of her caliber are hard to find. She is a rare gem and Sinorama should feel very lucky indeed to have her.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Word of mouth


Letter  No.364

From: Judy Bradley
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0529-2017-CHSH-12A #7
Date: 2017-06-19 16:13
To: Toronto office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments I recently returned from a China tour with your company, May 29 - June 9, 2017. We were in a tour group of approximately 30 people, traveling by bus, plane, river boat, small boat, and high speed train, Behjing to Shanghai over a period of 12 days. Our tour guide, Vicky, was with us the entire trip, from welcoming us in Behjing to our final farewell at the Shanghai airport. Vicky was consistently professional, yet personable. She kept us informed of developments and schedules without giving us more than we could wrap our brains around at one time. She remained cool, calm, and collected when changes were needed: She coordinated and took care of business efficiently and without apparent stress so we always felt we were in good hands. We could understand Vicky's English and she seemed to easily understand ours. Vicky shed a great light on China's history and culture all along our way, which was very much appreciated as well! We had a great tour group and got to know each other fairly well in that short period of time. We allowed for each other's idiosyncrasies and enjoyed the diversity that each brought to the group. There was a nice feeling among us and I think it was primarily Vicky who helped us get to that nice place! The trip was amazing! It was interesting and informative, challenging yet relaxing. We saw huge cities as well as countryside farms and homes. I will highly recommend this tour and the tour agency to all who express interest. Thank you to you and your staff for all you did to make this experience memorable and pleasant!

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Word of mouth


Letter  No.363

From: Mrs.Taimanov
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0530-2017-CH-15B #11,12
Date: 2017-06-19 11:12
To: Toronto office

Dear representative,

I would like to express my sincere Thank you for the wonderful tour we just attended-Imperial China (May 30-June13).

We made this trip from Pittsburgh PA, USA ,taking off from Cleveland,OH.

Such a great trip, wonderful itinerary and excellent tour guides everywhere..

We absolutely love it!

We would like to give special Thanks to our Beijing local guide Susanna and our national tour guide Kevin Chen.

They both have a great personality,they made this tour very special.Their love to China filled up our hearts and we want to come back...

Please let them know they are wonderful!

Now I'm looking forward to another tour and will bring more people form Pittsburgh.( Flight from Pittsburgh to Toronto would be more convenient). I will definitely recommend your tour agency to everyone who might be interested in .

Looking forward to see more of China nature.Still would like to visit Great wall and take a high speed magnetic train in Shanghai, but scenery would be my first choice. Can you recommend anything?

I also wondering if you have any tour to Tibet?

Thank you so mach again and looking forward to hear from you.

Best ,



Letter  No.362

From: Sue
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0529-2017-CHSH-12A #9
Date: 2017-06-18 10:42
To: Toronto office

Re: Tour Code: E0529-2017-CHSH-12A #9

I just returned from a wonderful China adventure that was booked through your company. We departed Atlanta, GA on May 29 for Beijing. We left Shanghai June 9 to Atlanta,GA. We had a tour guide with an English name of Vicky that made the trip memorable. She was informative, interesting, personable and when our flight out of Chongqing was delayed she made arrangements for us for that night. She did so with a smile on her face even though I know she was more tired than us. She always met us in the morning and was with us through the evening. I don't know how she did it! I wish I could have her as a personal guide for our trips around the world. I have never had such a great guide.

I would highly recommend this trip. The other guides might be fine but I would tell friends to try to get on Vicky's tour.

Thanks for such a delightful trip.



Letter  No.361

From: Matthew Hannam
Subject: Recent Trip and Plans for Next Year
Date: 2017-06-13 14:26
To: Montreal office

Good afternoon,

My wife, son and I recently returned from the Dream of China trip on which Sharp Sun was our guide. I want to say how incredible of an experience I felt this trip was. The organization, the sites, the food, the other guests, the buses, planes etc., were all excellent. I still can hardly believe how amazing of a trip it was. I want to also give praise to Sharp as both a guide and a person. He was extremely professional, had great attention to detail and memory, and was very kind to all the guests, including my 4 year old son. Sharp feels like family now and I think all of the guests would say the same, he is a wonderful man. Also, Laura in Beijing and Sally in Xi'an were also wonderful and left a lasting impression on us.

Looking ahead to next year, many of the guests, including myself have expressed interest in organizing another trip. We'd be looking for something around the same time (late May into June) and we're leaning towards starting in Shanghai and moving into Thailand. I looked at your current offerings and Fascinating China and Thailand the land of Smile I think would be a good fit. Additionally, we'd like to have Sharp as our national guide once again.

So, here are a few questions I'd like to ask to start:

What size of group would we need to have in order to have our own group again? We had 24 in the last and right now I'm thinking we could organize 20-30 for the next trip. It was nice having a bit of room on the bus and we all worked really well together.

Can we have Sharp Sun as our national guide again? He is an incredible guy and we all think very highly of him. The trip would not have been the same without him.

Is there a group pricing discount available if we are able to organize a big enough group?

That's it for now. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks again,

Matt Hannam


Letter  No.360

From: Mary Lu
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0529-2017-CHSH-12A #6
Date: 2017-06-12 16:59
To: Toronto office


I just returned home from my Sinorama tour in China May 29 - June 9. It was a 12 day tour starting in Beijing, flying to Chongqing, river boat cruise to Wuhan, and then a bullet train to Shanghai. I am writing hoping to get in touch with the boss of my tour guide, Vicky. I wanted to take some time to share some feedback about my experience.

If there is a better email address for me to send this to please let me know. I know there are a number of other people from the trip who expressed interest in sharing their feedback on the trip and expressing what they liked or didn't like. I'd be happy to pass the correct feedback email along to them as well.

To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from the trip when we got such a good deal on the price, but the trip was great. I enjoyed seeing a variety of places in China and learned so much. The trip got better and better as we went. But there is one thing that made this trip change from good to amazing. That was our tour guide, Vicky.

Vicky made the difference for our group. She did a phenomenal job of teaching us about the places that we visited and giving us just the right amount of information to help us better appreciate the places we were visiting. She had a perfect combination of sharing information and letting us ask questions. She happily answered any questions she could for us and made the environment fun and engaging.

Vicky did so much more than just a normal tour guide. She made sure that everyone on our group had a good experience. She went out of her way to assist people and help them have a positive experience. When other tour guides may have been resting or taking a break Vicky was engaged with our group. If she was able to assist people with special requests she did so. Vicky was able to take a bus full of 32 people and make it a personalized trip for each one.

Even with extra requests, plans having to be changed, and travel and lodging accommodations having to be made on the fly due to a delayed flight, Vicky never once showed any sign of annoyance, frustration or tiredness. She was involved every step of the way. She let us know what was going on so that we would not be left in the dark. She was open and honest with us which helped us have a more enjoyable trip.

While we were on the trip there were two people in our group who had birthdays. Vicky helped make the birthdays special for each of them.

I work in the customer service industry and have had many opportunities to observe both good and bad service. I have seen some really great examples of customer service, but I have never seen anyone better than Vicky! I can't wait to tell the people I work with what a great example Vicky was.

The trip was enjoyable and I really liked seeing so many wonderful places, but there was one thing that made this trip life changing for me and that was Vicky. For me Vicky changed a two week fun vacation into a life changing experience. Because of her I love China and the people there.

I don't know what you will do with this email or if you will show it to anyone, but please pass this along to Vicky's boss. They need to know how amazing Vicky was.

Thank you.

Mary Lu


Letter  No.359

From: Stephen Schrom
Subject: E0520-2017-CHSB-15B
Date: 2017-06-11 14:55
To: Toronto office

Please Rate For our service

- Excellent

Your comments

We just returned last week from the 15 Day Glorious China Tour and have nothing but great things to say about the Tour. The Itinerary was comprehensive in every way. Our Tour Leader, Hu Jian (William) , was knowledgeable, efficient, accurate, and most importantly, friendly and entertaining. All logistics were handled (by both William and Sinorama's office) seamlessly. All transportation, meals, optional tours, hotels, etc. were just about perfect.

When we booked this trip last fall for an incredibly reasonable price, we frankly had some doubts and were prepared to be disappointed. But, we were pleased in EVERY way and are so glad that we took advantage of this terrific experience.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family?

- Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama?

- Internet


Letter  No.358

From: Paul
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0521-2017-CHTH-15 #7,8
Date: 2017-06-09 15:51
To: Sinorama Holidays

Re: Tour Code: E0521-2017-CHTH-15 #7,8

On 2017-06-07 9:47 am, Paul wrote:

Just wanted to write and tell you how amazed I was at our trip to China and Thailand. Tour code: E0521-2017-CHTH-15. Everything was way beyond my expectations for the price we paid. We had wonderful, hotels, meals, cruise, attractions and our guide Nick was outstanding. I really don't know how you could produce an all inclusive tour product with so many extra's at such a low price???

As a travel agent I will be happy to recommend Sinorama Holidays for any of my clients wanting to travel to China. Thanks for all you did to make this tour "over the top"



Letter  No.357

From: Audrey Gordon
Subject: Dream of China 12 days
Date:2017-06-02 16:16
To: Montreal office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments Departed for China on April 12, 2017 and returned home April 24th.

The Trip was amazing. In the Western World we believe we have History. We are nothing but Babies at History. Each day we saw more of this beautiful land and our Guide "Mary" was great.It is hard to say which was the best day because each day held something more that we have only heard of or read about. To see all these cultural treasures of China takes one's breath away. We met many people from all over and it was most enjoyable.The Wall the Soldiers the Forbidden city the Summer Palace and then complete the tour on a River Cruise that took us to the Three Gorges Damn. The tour of the Gorge on the smaller boat was excellent. Impossible to describe the beauty that we saw in this country. Would go back again! GREAT TRIP!

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Word of mouth


Letter  No.356

From: Paul & Donna Bradbury
Subject: E0419-2017-CHHZ-15A
Date:2017-06-02 17:14
To: Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Good

Your comments My husband and I have recently returned from Sinorama's '15 Day Wild China' tour. It was an incredible experience – a trip of a life time!

There were many things that we enjoyed, the most notable was our guide, Adam Hu. His knowledge of China, Chinese history, traditions, and culture enhanced our experience tremendously. He was personable, friendly, courteous, organized, efficient, and delightful in all aspects of his job. We feel Sinorama are extremely lucky to have such a valuable and wonderful guide as Adam.

We were pleased to have the chance to see so many different sites, however, it would have been even better if we had had more time to experience each of the sites. We felt we were only able to have a small sampling of the major sites such as the Temple of Heaven, Tienanmen Square, and the Forbidden City – all seen in one day! The Great Wall was an amazing site, but we would have appreciated having more than just 90 minutes to appreciate the grandeur of one of the wonders of the world.

The amount of time spent traveling on buses was, we felt, excessive but unavoidable in order to see as many places as we did. Perhaps concentrating on one area and allowing tourists to spend more time at sites in that one area would be less exhausting for the travelers.

The river cruise was much more relaxing. The tours organized while on board were excellent, especially the Water Village tour which was exceptional. The cruise line staff were very friendly and helpful. The choice of food was quite varied, although a little repetitive.

We would have preferred to spend less time at the jade factory, the pearl factory, the silk and embroidery factory, and the green tea plantation. We enjoyed hearing about the history and processes involved at each place, but found that the time allotted for shopping was excessive. Spending almost as long at the jade factory as we did at the Great Wall was not good use of our available time.

All of the hotels were top rate, although some are showing their age, especially the Huang Shan International Hotel in Huangshan. Several of the hotels were located well away from the tourist sites, requiring long drives to reach the local attractions. The staff at each hotel were pleasant and friendly.

We found that the meals were quite boring and repetitive, too much like ''American-style Chinese food”; this was a little disappointing. We understand not everyone's tastes can be accommodated, but we would have appreciated more traditional or regional Chinese food. When we ordered meals on our own away from the tour, we found a wide range of traditional food at very reasonable prices.

As mentioned previously, we did enjoy our tour very much and would definitely consider other tours offered by Sinorama. The Sinorama staff in Richmond, especially Max and Linda, were excellent. They were very helpful with any inquires we had and were able to satisfactorily answer all our questions. Thank you for offering an excellent tour.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.355

From: Charles Waligura
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0506-2017-CHP-20B #5,6
Date: 2017-06-04 11:15
To: Toronto office

Dear Mr. Ye,

I would like to follow up on our China trip which was booked with you last year (2016). My husband booked this trip without mentioning a word to me. A couple of months after booking he told me we were going to China in 2017. Well, I must tell you I was not so pleased. China was on his bucket list but not necessarily on mine. Needless to say I felt I was obligated to accompany him on his once-in-a-lifetime trip.

May 6, 2017 finally arrived and we departed Houston for China, 20 days! The flight took us to LAX and then to Beijing, probably about 16 hours. That was the longest trip we had taken. But we were off to visit all 13 cities plus take the 4-day river cruise. Needless to say, we were two tired Americans in China when this trip was done.

The amazing things about this trip were we were greeted at Beijing airport by a Sinorama representative, and at every location after that. These guides were very courteous and knowledgeable. We were excited to get to each location just to be surprised about the five-star hotel rooms. Each was better than the next. They made for a really comfortable evening after a tiring day. The Yangtze River Cruise was also a highlight, so relaxing going through the beautiful countryside. The restaurants were good but could have served less food. We were overwhelmed by the amount of food we were served at all restaurants.

Friends have asked "did you feel safe there?" By all means! Maybe even safer than in some of our American cities. Several evenings we found ourselves coming in from a late dinner, and never felt unsafe. The one thing we found to be true was that this trip was not for the weak. There was a lot of walking and many trips to visit interesting sites - namely the Terracotta Warriors.

Overall, we were very pleased with your organization and the trip as it was advertised. We certainly saw China and look forward to booking another Sinorama trip - if you can book in Thailand and Puckett.

Best Regards,

Charles Waligura and Jean Rayhill

Pearland, Texas USA


Letter  No.354

From: Galina Alexander Zeyger
Subject: RE: Tour Code: E0321-2017-CHSH-12A #68,69
Date:2017-06-02 12:54
To: Toronto office

RE: Tour Code: E0321-2017-CHSH-12A #68,69

Hello Sinorama,

We want to express our gratitude for an amazing trip to China. It was organized flawlessly. It would not have been so informative, safe, and delightful if not for our principal guide Mr. Hu, a.k.a. Kevin. He was wonderful, funny, and took a good care of us. The hotels were very good and their staff polite and helpful. The breakfasts were delicious. The cruise and all of the stops were amazing; the ship's crew and local guides were instrumental in this. Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, and the evening in Wuhan were unforgettable. Thank you, Sinorama. We showed pictures and videos to our relatives and friends and they hope to visit China one day!

Galina/Alexander Zeyger

tour E 0321-2017-CHSH-12A


Letter  No.353

From: Marianne Page
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0402-2017-CHSB-15B #3,4
Date: 2017-06-02 12:58
To: Toronto office

Re: Tour Code: E0402-2017-CHSB-15B #3,4

Hello Joyce -

have I said "Thank you, thank you, thank you " for a most memorable trip to China?

Myong and I had an eye opening experience of toady's China. It is incredible what giant steps China has taken in development of housing with an eye to pleasing architecture. Surely many people suffered losing their home but the spread of high rises was inevitable as the population is so large!

We have nothing but praise for our guides, the hotels, the riverboat and the transportation to all the places that are a "must see" for us Americans. We are also thankful we were spared any sickness on the trip, as we consider ourselves pretty healthy and active ladies in their 60s and 72.

How you managed this 5 star trip on such a low cost to us, can only be explained by the government subsidies, as it realizes it good business and good relations building between the countries. Myong and I spent enough money on China's precious goods, to make it a good investment for China!

We would like to especially commend Penny, our guide for her tender loving care for her "Penny family". She is a treasure in the Sinorama travel organization.

With much appreciation-

Marianne Page


Letter  No.352_

From: Don Smith
Subject: Tour Code: E0508-2017-CHSB-15A #1,2
Date: 2017-05-27 15:33
To: Toronto office

Re: Tour Code: E0508-2017-CHSB-15A #1,2

We just returned from this trip and wanted to share with you our comments on the national guide Betty Cui.

She was a wonderful guide and a credit to your company.

She was very knowledgeable and very organized and made the trip extremely enjoyable. She was also very patient with those on the trip who were in need of extra help and arranged assistance for them when she could. She went far beyond what one would expect from a guide and assisted several members of the group who had left things behind to get them back. She also helped one person recover a bank card that was stuck in an ATM machine.

If we were to book another China trip with your company we would insist on having Betty act as our guide.

Please make certain our comments are noted in her file and relayed to her.

Thank you

Don Smith and Donna Griffin-Smith


Letter  No.351

From: Nell Simpson
Subject: E0428-2017-CH-15B
Date: 2017-05-27 22:52
To: Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

We chose the Imperial China & Yangtze tour and were very happy with our trip. The first thing for us to mention would be how much we enjoyed and appreciated our tour guide SHARP SUN. He made such a big contribution to our knowledge and ease of getting around that we can't imagine the trip without him. He had great patience and humor throughout our very busy schedule. His favorite saying was "No problem!"; and he would fix whatever difficultly there was. We were also very pleased with the chosen hotels. All were excellent. We were pleased, at the end of each day to have such comfortable places to settle.

The 4 day cruise along the Yangtze was another highlight. What a good way to see so much of the Chinese countryside! We enjoyed most of the restaurant meals throughout the trip. Our mental picture of China has certainly been updated and we thank you for organizing such a great tour.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes


Letter  No.350

From: Pete Watling
Subject: Tour Code: EO505-2017-CHSH-15A
Date: 2017-05-23 08:12
To: Montreal office

Dear Sinorama,

With reference to the above mentioned tour, I wish to draw your attention to the consistently outstanding service and attention provided to me by National Guide/ Tour Group Leader Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie")

In March 2016, when my wife and I initially booked the tour, I was in reasonable health and had reasonable mobility for a person of my age (70 years old) but earlier this year I had a fall and suffered a severe break to my ankle which has made walking and climbing stairs quite difficult and painful. I was very tempted to cancel the trip but realizing that this was a "once in a lifetime opportunity", I decided to go ahead with the trip.

To be honest, there was far more climbing/ walking than I had been led to believe was involved and far more than I had anticipated.

However, from the moment that we arrived until the moment that we departed - and at absolutely each and every stage in between - Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie") went to outstanding lengths to look after me. She arranged for a wheelchair at the initial Beijing airport, assisted me in booking in to/ out of all of the hotels, assisted me in the very difficult task of boarding the Yangtze River Cruise Gold 8 boat, boarding/ exiting the tour bus, visiting the many restaurants, visiting the excursions/ attractions, getting a wheelchair when boarding/ exiting the in China flight from Beijing to Chongqing, getting the high speed train to Shanghai, boarding the boat for the Shanghai Night sight seeing, and getting a wheelchair and negotiating the airport when boarding the plane to return to Canada.

I realize that I have made a long list.... but that is only to indicate just exactly what a burden I placed upon Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie") - and just how far, and how often, she had to go out of her way to accommodate my needs.

Each and every time that she did so, Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie"), did so with very obvious and genuine care and compassion. She is a wonderful person and wasn't just "doing her job" - she genuinely cares.

I also realize that looking after 32 Western tourists, with different cultural backgrounds and expectations can be very challenging to say the least, but I know from my interaction with the other tour group members that each of the fellow tour group members feels exactly the same way and I'm also sure that these feelings will be reflected in the comments in the "Customer Satisfaction Survey" completed at the end of the tour.

Please forward my comments, and deep appreciation, through all levels of your company especially to Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie") and her supervision.

Her competence and caring, compassionate efforts deserve to be recognized with a promotion or, at the very least, a bonus/ pay increase.

Sinorama is very, very fortunate to have a lady of such hiugh quality as Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie") working with and for them.

Please confirm both receipt of this email and that Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie") and her supervision have been made aware of my letter.

Thank you for a wonderful experience ...... rest assured that I am already telling all of my friends of the outstanding experience that Sinorama, and especially Ms Zhang Jing ("Jessie"), made possible

Best regards,

Pete Watling


Letter  No.349

From: Dennis Makes
Subject: E0420-2017-CH-12A
Date: 2017-05-24 15:22
To: Vancouver office

Dear Customer Service,

My wife and I recently completed our "Dream of China - 12 Day Tour" from April 20, 2017 to May 1, 2017. We truly enjoyed our visit to China and greatly appreciate the efficient organization by Sinorama during our entire trip. Thank you.

We want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND and THANK our National Tour Guide – Ms. Mary Li for her outstanding work in her travel guide position and for being a great representative of Sinorama. We know that Ms. Li worked many hours each day and night to take the best care of our group on Bus #6.

Ms. Li is a lovely person with a very professional attitude about her career as a tour guide and is proud to work for Sinorama. She took excellent care of each traveler to satisfy their individual needs and also managed our entire group very effectively.

We believe that Ms. Li made our trip to China a TOTAL success! We appreciated her expertise and guidance during our time in China. She certainly deserves a promotion. Maybe Ms. Li should train other National and Local guides on the best way to do their job. Whatever Ms. Li does for your company, she will shine bright and excel at her work!

Kind Regards,

Dennis & Diana Makes


Letter  No.348

From: Bill & Ginny
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0422-2017-CHSB-15A#3,4
Date: 2017-05-20 8:53 am
To: Toronto office

Thanks to you (Sinorama) we had a totally enjoyable, event filled, 15 day vacation. Our expectations were blown away by the professional guides, the marvelous hotel rooms, the fabulous sites, the perfect river cruise, and our new found family/friends we made.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Bill & Ginny


Letter  No.347

From: Ilona Reinitzer
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0418-2017-CHSB-15B #22
Date: 2017-05-21 12:27
To: Toronto office

I just finished a 15 Days Sinorama tour of China which included Beijing, Yangtze River Cruise, Wuhan, Chongqing, Xian, and Shanghai.

I was extremely happy with the entire trip. I saw a lot of China and was very impressed with all the beautiful sights, clean modern cities, gorgeous countryside, skyscrapers, and flowers everywhere. The people of China worked very hard and were very friendly.

The group airline check in was very efficient. The cruise ship was beautiful and the staff was excellent.

All coach buses were clean and the drivers took care of our belongings which we were able to leave on the bus at each excursion.

The hotels rooms were very nice and had all the modern amenities. I also loved all the food.

One of the best parts of the tour was our guide, Sarah Zheng. She was extremely knowledgeable about Chinese history and took great care of everyone's needs on the tour. There were a few people who became sick and she escorted them back to the hotel in a taxi while the local guide stayed with the tour group. She resolved every issue that anyone had and even brought people to the pharmacy/store when they requested it. She really went above and beyond what normal guides would do. I travel a lot and she was the best guide that I have ever had!

I would recommend this tour to everyone and have told all my family and friends that they should visit China. It was incredible on how much the tour included for the low price I paid.

The only suggestions I have to make it a better tour would be to have the restaurants and cruise ship serve Diet Coke or Pepsi as part of the paid meal. Many Americans prefer to drink soda without sugar in it. The other suggestion would be to allow tourists to shop at the local street vendor shops after each excursion. There was really never enough time to shop there because we spent so much time at the regular stores. I managed to get some time with the street vendors and it was very entertaining and enjoyable.

It was an incredible tour that I will never forget!

Ilona Reinitzer


Letter  No.346

From: James, Kerri and Kristin
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0427-2017-CHSH-15A #1-4
Date: 2017-05-23 15:19
To: Toronto office

My family and I just returned from a fabulous trip to China booked through Sinorama in Toronto. (Departure date: April 27th). The entire trip was amazing! In particular, our tour guide, Toby Li, was outstanding. He anticipated our needs and understood the group. Everything he did in preparation for each day made our trip run very smoothly. We have been on many trips and thanks to Toby I have to say that this was one of our best trips. Tour guides of Toby's caliber are rare and need to be recognized. We are highly recommending this trip and would tell our friends to book their tour when Toby could be their guide. The local guide in Beijing, Lisa, also deserves a special recommendation. Her personal stories made for a more enriching experience and understanding of China's past and present. We cannot stop talking about our wonderful trip.



James, Kerri and Kristin


Letter  No.345

From: Dave & Cindy
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0428-2017-CH-15B #44,45
Date: 2017-05-23 15:27
To: Toronto office

I just wanted to say that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to China with Sinorama.

The value of the trip was unmatched and the accommodations & meals were excellent.

We were particularly impressed with our tour guide, Nick (Song Peng). He went above and behind on many occasions. Peng was constantly making us aware of what was coming and how to prepare. He also purchased treats and even a small meal out of his own pocket when things didn't go as expected.

We also met Lily who took us to the airport for our departure flight. She not only took us through the ENTIRE check-in process, but even walked us to the security gate.

We have traveled extensively over the past 9 years with many different tour agencies and we can honestly say that your's is one of the best. We have recommended Sinorama to friends and family and would not hesitate to book another trip through your agency.

Thank you,

Dave & Cindy


Letter  No.344

From: Jo-Ann McGowan
Subject: Our Guide on Wild China: Jerry Wu
Date: 2017-05-16 15:06
To: Toronto office

My husband and I were recently on your Wild China tour departing Montreal April 22 and returning May 05. Our guide was Jerry Wu. Everything was scheduled perfectly thanks to Jerry and he made it a very pleasant experience and journey. He was organized and efficient and was able to keep everyone on schedule all while being pleasant, funny and a pleasure to be with.

Congratulations to Jerry on a job well done.

Jo-Ann & Michael McGowan


Letter  No.343

From: Kyongbin and Todor
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0430-2017-CHSH-12A#9,10
Date: 2017-05-16 14:13
To: Toronto office

Re: Tour Code: E0430-2017-CHSH-12A#9,10

We have just finished 12 Days Sinorama tour of China which included Beijing, Yangtze River Cruise, Wuhan and Shanghai.

We would like to express how happy we are with the whole program. We saw a lot of China during this short trip. Each place we visited, we became speechless with the beautiful and clean modern cities, skyscrapers, infrastructures and tons of flowers everywhere.

Hotels rooms were large with top of the line modern amenities. Hotel services were excellent.

The tour involved air plane, bus, high speed train and a cruise ship.

All coach buses were clean and all arrangements for transportation were made without any problems or delays. This tour followed everything the itinerary had listed.

Tour guide Mr. Charlie Chen was extremely knowledgeable about Chinese history and meticulous in planning every step of the way.

We saw modern China and traditional China. Both were very beautiful. This tour made me and my husband to feel like coming back again.

We have noticed that the people in China work very hard and courteous. We have only the good things to talk about.

We plan to talk to our friends about.this tour and tell them not to miss this great opportunity to learn and enjoy China with unbeatable value for the money.

It was an unforgettable tour!

Kyongbin and Todor


Letter  No.342

From: Christine Thewissen
Subject: F0420-2017-CH-15B
Date: 2017-05-15 21:13
To: Montreal office

Please Rate For our service - Good

Your comments We never would have been able to visit China and see so much at the price offered by Sinorama.

Our trip was very enjoyable and we learned a lot about a country that we were visiting for the first time.

Our guide, Julien Cui, was incredible. His knowledge, his organisation and his sens of humour were unbeatable and it's because of him that we enjoyed our trip so much.

There were some issues that could be addressed by Sinorama and could make future trips even more successful and enjoyable:

-Less shopping time, especially since we bought very little and we're bored.

-Less buffet. Offer some North American food from time to time. More quality and less quantity would be appreciated, especially with all the waste.

-Too much time spent with interior flights in addition to the negative effect on the environment. Could more train trips be offered. Night train with sleeping arrangement maybe?

-Disappointed with the section of the Great Wall of China that we explored. All we did was climb without being able to walk at all.

-Surprised by the weight porters at the Sinorama boat took on their back to carry our luggage. Could something be provided for them so that it wouldn't be as hard on their backs?

-Not enough water. It should be freely available at each meal.

-Impossible to post comments on the French Sinorama site.

We would still recommend Sinorama to our friends for a China trip.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Word of mouth


Letter  No.341

From: Carol and Tony
Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0414-2017-CHSB-15A #12,13
Date: 2017-05-15 15:35
To: Toronto office

I tried to send this review to your website but was rejected twice. I hope you will consider these comments and feel free to use them on your website. .

My husband and I recently completed the Glorious 15 Day tour. It's the perfect name for the perfect trip. .

I want to take this opportunity to thank and commend our excellent tour guide, Mr. John Wen. John was perfect. First, he knew each and every one of us by name, which means a lot to we Americans. He helped me as I tried to get to know everyone in our group. .

Second, he is one of the most kind and considerate people I have met in a long time. No request went unanswered, even when it was not within his control. Our table had a number of dietary issues and right from the first meal he was overseeing every dish delivered and telling us what to skip and what was okay to eat. He had a fan delivered to our room when one hotel was too warm and he had us moved to a quieter room in Beijing. He even made sure I got the best photos by calling my attention to great shots I would have missed. .

Third, he is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He told us all the major points for each destination, but he also chatted with us along the way as he carefully made sure everyone was always accounted for. .

Next, he is very flexible. He made itinerary changes to meet our needs and requests. He even took us to a different restaurant at least once and took us to the Olympic site in Beijing because someone asked. .

John is a wonderful guide and we hope you realize what a great asset he is for Sinorama. We hope you will reward him for exemplary service. I have already recommended Sinorama to my friends and family and will continue to do so. .

Thanks for a wonderful vacation and we hope to book with Sinorama again soon. .


Carol and Tony.


Letter  No.340

From: ************
Subject: Tour Code: E0319-2017-CH-15B #28
Date: 2017-05-15
To: Toronto office

I was on the 15 day trip to China from March 19 - April 2, 2017 led by Kevin Hoo. We could not have had a better tour guide than Kevin. He was always patient, kind and so knowledgeable about China. He went above and beyond to make sure we all had a wonderful trip. And, it was indeed a trip of a lifetime.We saw and did so much in 15 days. Sinorama did a great job of organizing the itinerary. All the inter-country flights, hotels and the cruise were the best. We could not have done better if we had paid 5 times the price. I would highly recommend this trip.


Letter  No.339

From: Ellen Drazner
Subject: E0414-2017-CHSB-15A #7
Date: 2017-05-08 16:46
To: Toronto office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments I just returned from "Glorious China & Yangtze River." I was delighted with this 15 day holiday! 25 people went on this trip and our amazing National Guide Stephen Bi turned us into his family. He was very knowledge and super caring & helpful. He made our trip memorable. He was very detail oriented and treated us all like VIP's! Because we all respected him so much, there were never situations where people were late or irritable. On occasions he would switch the schedule to ensure we maximized our time.

The hotels we stayed in were wonderful. The local guides were great. I liked the food, but I know most people will say it was repetitive. We covered so much of the country in 2 weeks and I feel we saw all the main attractions. This trip was outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend Sinorama to everyone. The value of this trip was spectacular. I have traveled many times with various groups and rarely have I seen such a well oiled machine. Our luggage was taken care of each time we changed cities. Stephen would wake up to double check that all our bags were placed outside our room and transferred efficiently. This was very much appreciated. The Yangtze River cruise was well placed in the middle of the trip and it was very relaxing.

Thank you Stephen & Sinorama for this wonderful experience!

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Word of mouth


Letter  No.338

From: Lois D
Subject: Tour Code: E0420-2017-CH-15B #16,17
Date: 2017-05-10 17:21
To: Toronto office

Re: Tour Code: E0420-2017-CH-15B #16,17


I have just completed a tour of China scheduled by your company, & I would like to congratulate you on the fine experience. It was everything I had hoped for and more. The tour was well scheduled, the guides were all excellent and spoke very good English. Our guide Lee Li was especially helpful. He somehow managed to keep the group together, & got us to places on time. His English was excellent, & he was very personal. He went out of his way to help me. I had fallen halfway through the trip & injured my knee, making it difficult to walk. He went out of his way to help me up the stairs, & saw to it that the group did not get too far ahead of me. I could not have finished the trip without his help, & I will be forever grateful to him. Our city guide Mr. Lin in Shanghai was very knowledgeable, & spoke excellent English. The only exception to the trip was the fact that we were not told upfront about all the stairs & walking we would have to do. I think it should have been noted that it was not for the handicapped or disabled. Overall, it was a very informative trip, & I will recommend Sinorama to my friends.

Lois D


Letter  No.337

From: Marty Prashaw
Subject: E0406-­2017­-CHSH­-12A #3,4
Date: 2017-05-09 17:48
To: Toronto office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments My wife and I have just returned from our 12 day Charm of China tour. April 6-17, 2017.

Words cannot express how satisfied we were with this amazing tour. The information was excellent; the organization, fantastic and the people, simply amazing.

From the moment we arrived in Beijing, we became aware of the attention spent to detail. Everything was clearly explained and all questions were thoroughly answered.

The transport around town and inter-city were fantastic and the hotels and cruise were 7 star!

We were presented with a smorgasbord of sites, sounds and taste that blew away all preconceptions of this magical land and its people. The natural beauty of China, the modernity of the cities, the economic powerhouse that is China, and, of course, the deeply embedded, rich culture.

Last but far from least, our incredible guides, Helen in Beijing, Mary on the small boat in the gorge and Sydney in Shanghai. Each one of them informed, entertaining and so open and honest in sharing.

Finally, we cannot say enough about our guide for the entire tour. Liz. She met us at the airport and we were truly mothered, mentored and shepherded from one event to another throughout our stay. She is simply amazing. Better than the finest pearl or best jade, Liz was and is the jewel of China and each and everyone on our tour felt saddened to leave behind someone who had truly become the core of our family.

China should be at the top of your bucket list--and Sinorama is the only way to go!

Marty and Maggie Prashaw

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.336

From: anna pigon
Subject: Wild China Tour 04/03-04/17
Date: 2017-04-23 11:38


I have attended the Wild China Tour recently. I would like to share my opinion about my experience during the trip.

I am a very satisfied customer and I think that Sinorama is a great Tour Operator in China.

Our Tour group was a mix of people from different countries in the world.

My impression is that every single tour attendant was fully satisfied and happy thanks to our fantastic tour leader Arnie.

Arnie is a highly skilled tour guide with fantastic personality and very responsible and professional approach to his duties.

We have had the feeling that Arnie is taking care of the whole group and each individual tour member at the same time.

He has always provided us with detailed information regarding all attractions that we have visited and supported all people within the group according to their needs and expectations.

For the group that age range was from twenties to mid seventies Arnie has managed every single excursion without a single problem during the whole tour.

We have had people in our group with some different dietary requirements and in this case Arnie was also able to support and arranged special meals in every place that we have visited.

All hotel transfers and accommodation information was managed perfectly.

I have brought lovely memories from my trip in China and I will recommend Sinorama to my friends.

I am considering booking another trip with Sinorama in the future hoping that all of your tour guides are as good as Arnie.

Thank you for making my holiday unforgettable and absolutely pleasant.

And thank you for a fabulous tour leader Arnie.

P.S. Are there any plans for organising Japan tours from UK in the future?

Best Regards

Anna Pigon (the happy customer :) )


Letter  No.335

Subject: : Commentaires à propos de mon voyage
Date: 2017-04-26 17:05

À qui de droit,

Je suis arrivée lundi le 24 avril de mon voyage à la Chine Glorieuse et le Fleuve Yanztsé et je n'ai que des éloges à vous faire car notre voyage a été une réussite totale grâce à notre super petite guide Alexandra qui fait un travail formidable pour vous.Dans chaque ville il y avait un guide locale dont: Pauline,Claire et Loue qui ont également fait un très bon travail.

Tant que vous aurez des guides comme eux je crois que les touristes seront toujours satisfaits de leur vacances avec votre agence.

Merci de nous avoir fait connaître ces coins de Pays que j'ai beaucoup aimés.Je n'ai que des commentaires positifs envers vous.

Lola Tremblay (Chicoutimi)

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Letter  No.334

From: Maxime Blackburn
Subject: Orage du 10 au 24 avril 2017, Chine glorieuse.
Date: 2017-04-26 06:23

Nous aimerions donner nos commentaires sur notre voyage que nous avons fait, soit la Chine glorieuse. Ce fut un magnifique voyage et l'organisation y était pour la réussite. Nous avons eu une guide au nom de Alexandra et celle-ci fut certainement la pierre angulaire de notre groupe. Elle est professionnelle, elle aime son travail, très disponible et toujours souriante. Grâce à elle, notre voyage fut couronné de succès. Je la recommande à quiconque. Merci

Envoyé de mon iPad


Letter  No.333

From: Maddalena
Date: 2017-04-26 12:49
To: #
Subject: Tour Code: E0322-2017-CH-15B #24,25


I would like to take this opportunity to THANK Sinorama for an incredible 15 day trip to China. (Mar 22 to April 5, 2017)

I had read all there reviews before booking and now that I am back I will say those reviews were not wrong.

I was impressed with how well the tour was organized.

Amazed by the efficiency and planning to ensure that we captured all the sights.

The hotels were 5 star and magnificent.

The breakfasts that we had at the hotel had a variety of western and Asian breakfast foods.

In conjunction with Sinorama, this could not have happened without our incredible tour guide Mark Ma.

He was funny, genuine and ensured that we all understood what the daily activities were.

He displayed how well he knew the Chinese culture by explaining and answering any questions we had.

We had 30 people on our tour bus and Mark was able to mingle and get to know all of us.

Just an example of what I consider going the extra mile, I had asked for hot sauce once at lunch and he ensured that at every meal there was hot sauce on the table for me before I even sat down...THANK YOU Mark that shows me that you are aware of your groups needs.

The staff on the river boat cruise were very accommodating and friendly.

To anyone who wants to go to China I would recommend highly Sinorama as your tour guide to get you there, you won't regret it.

Thank you



Letter  No.332

From: Christian Lebel
Date: 2017-04-26 15:25
To: #
Subject: #

Bonjour M. Leon,

Guylaine, moi et ses parents aimerions vous remercier pour ce merveilleux voyage.

Merci pour votre patience lors des différentes démarches avant notre voyage.

La guide nationale Alexandra qui a été formidable par sa patience, son grand professionnalisme et son souci du détails pour que notre voyage soit agréable et parfait. Bravo! à la coordination dans la gestion des bagages et dans les visites entre les villes.

Merci à la présidente de Simorama d'avoir offert ce voyage à Guylaine et sa famille.

Merci pour cette expérience extraordinaire.

Merci de nous avoir fait connaître par ce voyage la grandeur de ce pays et de la gentillesse des chinois.

Merci à vous

Merci, encore merci

Christian Lebel


Letter  No.331

From: Ron Hoelscher
Date: April 18, 2017 at 9:06:48 AM EDT
Subject: Charm of China & Yangtze River Cruise 12 days 2017


We just returned from the above tour (tour code: E0329-207-CHSH-12A) that took place March 29th to April 9th and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. We, my husband and I, loved every minute. The tour was very well organized and met our every expectation of what we wanted to see in China during our 12 day stay.

Our tour guides were exceptional. Our main tour guide, Harvey Wei, was fantastic. He entertained us and made sure we were well taken care of. Definitely made the trip more personal for all of us. We also enjoy our city tour guide in Beijing, Linda and our Shanghai tour guide Emma.

Our hotels were great, buses comfortable, meals very enjoyable. The cruise was very educational and beautiful.

We made new friends on the tour and would definitely recommend this tour to our friends and family.

Thank you Sinorama

Ron and Carol Hoelscher

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Letter  No.330

Name: Dwivedi
Date: dimanche 23 avril 2017 13:08
Sub: Thank you for a nice trip
Please select the office follow your file UK office

We had a very nice, comfortable trip The Wild China 15 days ( 3 april 2017 till 17 april 2017 - Sinorama gold 8 ).

It was well organised.

We will not hesitate to recommend this to others & certainly plan to use Sinorama holidays in future.

Thanking you

Dr. G.S.Dwivedi

Mrs S.K. Dwivedi


Letter  No.329

Name: Bob and Melinda Jejna
Date: 2017-04-23 14:03
Sub: Tour Feedback E0330-2017-CHHS-15#35, 36
Please select the office follow your file Toronto office

Re: Tour Code: E0330-2017-CHHS-15#35, 36


We have just returned from our Smiling in China tour and I wanted to convey how much we enjoyed our vacation. We were very pleased with the accommodations, food, tour guides, and itinerary. The tour exceeded our expectations and we will have memories to last a lifetime. We have told our friends and family of our wonderful trip and the excellent value Sinorama provides. We hope to tour with you again, perhaps Thailand, in the near future.

Thank you again.

Bob and Melinda Jejna


Letter  No.328

Name: Richard Simon
Date: 2017-04-20 5:29 pm
Tour Code: E0327=2017-CH-12B #5,6
Please select the office follow your file Toronto office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

My wife and I took the 12 day Dream of China/ Yangtze River Cruise beginning March 27, 2017. We were very impressed with the quality of the accommodations, the service received, and the excellent value of this tour package. Our national leader, Chris, was very knowledgeable and very attentive to our needs. Everything was run very professionally, and everything was first class, except the price, which was quite reasonable.I highly recommend the tour, and would gladly take another Sinorama Holidays package in the future.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.327

Name: Kuldip and Guriender
Date: 2017-04-21 14:21
Sub: Re: Tour Code: E0406-2017-CHSH-12A #37,38

Re: Tour Code: E0406-2017-CHSH-12A #37,38

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip to China. We have returned with many good memories and new friends to boot.

We had a group of 6 people and each and every one had a very memorable and enjoyable trip. Overall our impression of China and its people is very different then the one we had gone to China with I would like to give special thanks to our tour guide. Liz met us at the airport and then was with us for the whole trip and said goodbye to us at Shanghai airport. I cant give justice to the goodness that this lady has. She is gracious, polite and went out of her way to make sure that each and everyone on our tour was taken care of. She answered or got answers to our questions and I think that she was absolutely fantastic. She has the ability to think outside of the box and did just that when our scheduled bus did not show for our transfer from Wuhan. She quickly arranged taxis for us and then was so apologetic. She even reimbursed us for our fares. I hope that Sinorama thanks her for her initiative and reimburse her.

Our local guides were also great especially Helen in Beijing and Sydney in Shanghai. both were knowledgeable about their areas and both were very entertaining. Overall our trip was great and I would recommend Sinorama to my friends and family and also recommend that China is a place to visit. I have also recommended that they should ask for Liz, Helen and Sydney.


I hope you have a safe flight home. It was such a pleasure to have you as our tour guide and I want to thank you for accommodating our vegetarian food requests and other questions that we had. Keep in touch and good luck with everything. Sinorama is lucky to have you represent them in China.


Kuldip and Guriender


Letter  No.326

Name: Carol
Date: mercredi 19 avril 2017 19:24
Sub: Visa Reminder E0321-2017-CHHZ-15A

Hi Wen

Just wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had in China. The holiday was exceptional, such good value for money and so well organised. We couldn't fault anything, everything was taken care of and everyone so helpful. Bella was great, as were the local guides, nothing was too much trouble for her. I admit I was not looking forward to the holiday as it was so different to anything we've done before, but I was pleasantly surprised. I can't recommend Sinorama too highly, thank you.


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Letter  No.325

Name: Ron Hoelscher
Date: April 18, 2017 at 9:06:48 AM EDT
Sub: Charm of China & Yangtze River Cruise 12 days 2017


We just returned from the above tour (tour code: E0329-207-CHSH-12A) that took place March 29th to April 9th and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. We, my husband and I, loved every minute. The tour was very well organized and met our every expectation of what we wanted to see in China during our 12 day stay.

Our tour guides were exceptional. Our main tour guide, Harvey Wei, was fantastic. He entertained us and made sure we were well taken care of. Definitely made the trip more personal for all of us. We also enjoy our city tour guide in Beijing, Linda and our Shanghai tour guide Emma.

Our hotels were great, buses comfortable, meals very enjoyable. The cruise was very educational and beautiful.

We made new friends on the tour and would definitely recommend this tour to our friends and family.

Thank you Sinorama

Ron and Carol Hoelscher

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Letter  No.324

Name: Gerry
Date: 2017-04-19 17:17
Sub: E0330-2017-CHHS-15
Montreal office

Good Morning Peter

Have you eaten yet????

We are home, we are safe, we are tired and we still can't believe just how much fun we had during our two weeks in your care....You, Dianna, Bennie, Richard and Ivan are the most knowledgeable tour guides we ever could have hoped to have had.....Mr Lee and Mr Chu are two of the best drivers we ever could have hoped for as well. I don't think we could have seen more if we tried...You kept us on schedule, safe, informed and mostly all in one place... For this and everything else, Jane and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts....

Shee Sheaa


PS: for Sinorama Group.....Peter Huang is your VERY BEST......Thanks for everything......


Letter  No.323

Name: Chris
Date: 2017-04-18 12:42
Sub: Trip taken on March 22, 2017
Vancouver office

April 18, 2017

Dear Sinorama,

My husband and I just returned home after a wonderful vacation with your company. Our trip started on March 23, 2017 in Beijing, China, ending in Hong Kong on the 10th of April, Premium Panorama of China, 20 days.

Although this trip was rigorous for us, it was well worth it. We saw so much of China we felt that this tour was very comprehensive and complete. But what was particularly great, was our tour guide Adam, he was excellent in every way, always looking out for us. We felt that Adam went beyond his role as a tour guide and made this trip very pleasant. His knowledge and expertise was appreciated the entire time. Please acknowledge Adam's excellence in some way, as he deserves it.

We would highly recommend this premium packaged tour to our friends.

Allan Robb and Ellen Williams


Letter  No.322

Name: Eva Keene
Date: 2017-04-18 14:46
Tour: E0325-2017-CHSB-15B
Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

We just wanted to express our gratitude to our tour guide, Mr. Sunshine, for making our Glorious China trip so wonderful. His compassion, patience, knowledge, English language abilities, and sense of humor made our 15 days with him most enjoyable. The tour itself was magnificent - most of the city tour guides were exceptional as well, the bus drivers were great and the hotels and meals beat our expectations. Everything went smoothly - from making the reservations to our return home. All in all it was a great and memorable experience.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.321

Name: Melinda
Date: 2017-04-16 13:02
Tour: E0319-2017-CH-15B
Toronto office

First of all, thanks to Sinorama Holidays, for a very organized tour. Our trip have been one of the best we've experienced so far. Special thanks to our national guide - Mr. Ivan Wu, and our local guides - Lisa, Jenny, Ivan, Lily, Tomas, the Yangtze River cruise staff.

All have been working hard to satisfy our needs, above and beyond our expectations, very knowledgeable and caring people. Amazing, beatiful sceneries and great history of the cities and places we visited. Each cities have its own charm and beauty - Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chongqing, and Shanghai and of course the Yangtze River scenic cruising - Great, amazing and clean.


Letter  No.320

Name: Karl Larocque
Date: 2017-04-11 08:52
Tour: tour in china march 29th to April 9
Montreal office

I just recently came back from your tour in china march 29th to April 9 ( booking number A000-M14793) and just wanted to comment on tour. The tour was set up very well and enjoyed immensely. Since you always hear negative reports I just wanted to pass on a positive one . In my opinion the main reason I enjoyed the tour,was the very professional staff in particular our main tour guide Harvey Wei . He was very informative and knowledgeable in the places we toured . Also we had some members in my immediate group we where touring with ( food allergy) that he paid extra attention to and made sure where ever we ate that she was taken care of .Harvey was always available to us day or night and answered all our questions without any hint of negativity . He is a great asset to your company and will advise people that ask about the company if all tour guides are as good has he was ,they should definitely book with your company .

Any questions please feel free to email me or call 61********

Karl Larocque


Letter  No.319

Name: Edith Knight
Date: 2017-04-13 11:38
Tour: E0325-2017-CHSB-15B
Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

My Glorious China tour was fabulous. The hotels were outstanding as well as the food especially the Buffet Breakfasts. All the cities were wonderful. The Yangtze River Cruise was more than I expected. I want to mention our Tour Guide Sunshine. He was outstanding and treated me especially well. I am 86 years old and he was most kind. He called me Grandma and I adopted him as my Grandson. Sunshine definitely is an asset to your Tour Company.

Edie Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.318

Name: Hal Fordham
Date: 2017-04-10 15:34
Tour: E0321-2017-CHSH-12A
Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

Thank you Sinorama for a wonderful trip to China. My wife and I went on the Charm of China and Yangtze river cruise tour. We were warmly greeted at the airport by Penny, our wonderful guide. She was amazing throughout the tour, along with the other local tour guides throughout China. Our favorite local guides were Rocky in Beijing, and Jackie in Shanghai (I will never forget his insight when one of the other guests on our tour asked him how he felt about having Wal-mart in Shanghai). I enjoyed the food throughout the tour (even sampling a snail and some type of bug dish at the hotel in Beijing). We loved everyone on our bus. It was so fun to meet people from Canada, and other areas of the US. The only change I would make to the tour is not going to the Jade store. Even though the Jade sculptures were high quality, it was a bit pricey. I have recommended Sinorama to my family and friends, and will continue to do so. Give Penny a hug from us. She was the BEST!!!

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.317

Name: Scott Snarr
Date: 2017-03-30 09:34
Tour: E0319-2017-CH15B
Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

This tour was incredible. We had so much fun. The people we met on our bus were very fun to travel with. We had a lot of laughs and made some very good friends. Owen Fan was our guide and I cannot say enough about his knowledge, his sense of humor and his English language proficiency.He was very organized but flexible enough to address the needs of our group. Our local guides were also good. Two in particular that were very good were Helen in Beijing and Michael in Shanghai. They both were enthusiastic and knew their cities well. They also had strong language skills. The hotels we stayed at were very nice 5 star hotels. The only problem was at times they were very far from the airport or attractions. The meals were delicious and we always had plenty to eat. The staff on the cruise were outstanding as were the buffet style meals that were provided. Above all were the things we saw and learned about China. I fell in love with the culture and people we met. I wish we could have spent more time in each city and added a few days to visit other areas in China. This trip is a great value and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes

By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.316

Name: Gary
Date: 2017-04-04 03:51
Subject: G. Long Trip March 18,-April 1, 2017

To the Management of Sinorama,

My wife and I just returned from your March 18,-April 1, 2017 "Wild China 15 Days 2017" (tour code E0318-2017-CHHZ-15A) to Yellow Mountain, Yangtze River, Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai.

What an amazing trip. The hotels you booked were modern, beautiful and clean and their morning buffet breakfasts were wonderful. The sightseeing of the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Chongqing, Yellow Mountain, Red Pagoda, and Yangtze River were awesome. The food and local guides were good. And our permanent national guide during this adventure, Ms Cathy Lee, was excellent and exceptional. Ms Cathy Lee was there for us throughout the entire trip from our arrival in Beijing to our departure in Shanghai where she waited to make sure that my wife and I were OK during our "departure check in" process at the Delta Airline Counter. She was professional, knowledgeable, efficient, competent and caring. During our trip to the "Red Pagoda" (Yangtze River/Shibaozhai), she warned us about the shaky "suspension bridge" and not to climb the 10 stories if we had health issues. At Yellow Mountain, she advise those with health concerns to stay at the top of the Gondola (Cable Car) and that there would be many steps to proceed afterwards. Through the sharing of her knowledge of China, I saw and learned a lot regarding this vast magnificent country,

Her exceptional efforts made our trip most enjoyable and memorable. She is a great asset to the Sinorama Program and her tremendous efforts should be recognized and rewarded.

Thank You Sinorama and Thank You Ms. Cathy Lee for an amazing experience and a most wonderful trip.

With Best Regards,

Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Long


Letter  No.315

Name: Alice and Grant
Date: 2017-04-09 11:51
Subject: Customer Comment E0318-2017-CHHS-15 #15,16

Re: Tour Code: E0318-2017-CHHS-15 #15,16

Hello Sinorama,

We very much enjoyed our 15 day trip to China with Sinorama travel. We saw lots of amazing sights and actually saw more than we expected in such a short period of time. All of our local guides were excellent and very knowledgeable.

Special thanks to our national guide Tommy Han. He was very organized and made sure we arrived at our destinations on time and in one piece. All flights and local trips were very smooth. Some of the daily itinerary had to be slightly adjusted but Tommy managed these changes well and made sure we experienced as much as possible. He was very nice and patient with us answering our questions and concerns. His local knowledge was very helpful.

All of the hotels were quite nice except the hotel at the end of the trip in Shanghai only had WiFi in the lobby which was not the case up until then with the other hotels. All of the hotels had very nice morning buffet breakfasts for us to start our day.

As a bonus we had a great group of people on our bus, from all over Canada, which made this trip even better.

All in all an unbelievable trip of a lifetime.

Alice and Grant


Letter  No.314

Name: Jadranka and Slobodan
Date: 2017-04-09 11:47
Sub: Re: Tour Code: E0307-2017-CHHS-15#5,6

Dear Madam/Sir,

We would like to thank to all of your team who participated in preparation of our journey to China occurred between March 07, 2017 to March 21, 2017. Our Tour Code was E0307-2017-CHHS-15 T5 and T6).

On this journey, it was our privilege to have Mr. Adam Hu as our tour guide. We had pleasure to experience the excellent tour, history lessons and amazing time with Adam.

He has really enhanced our China experience. His contribution was very informative, he is interesting story teller and shine with a lot of good humor. Adam answered many questions, gave us great directions and suggestions. All group enjoyed Adam's presence. Adam made a great difference to our trip.

Our expectations were exceeded. We shall remember this trip forever.

We are already recommending this tour to all of our friends and families.

Once again, thank you to Adam and all of you.

Sincerely Yours,

Jadranka and Slobodan


Letter  No.313

Name: Wendy
Date: 2017-04-09 11:42
Sub: Re: Tour Code: E0313-2017-CHHZ-15A #1

I wanted to say that I really appreciated the value of the Wild China trip. We had a wonderful tour guide, Jeffrey Summer, who was professional, patient, helpful, sweet and funny. He helped to make the trip successful. Please thank Jeffrey for taking such good care of us. We also had some memorable guides along the way. Soya (Lisa) in Beijing did a wonderful job as well as Jason in Westlake, who was very entertaining. Thank you to all who made the trip fantastic!



Letter  No.312

Name: dj
Date: mercredi 5 avril 2017 23:23
Sub: Re: Customer feedback E0307-2017-CHRL-10A


We had a fantastic time and loved every minute of our trip. The guides were very open and all spoke excellent English (with a funny accent) We will both always recommend your company and have many happy memories . Please thank the guides and organises on our behalf. We wish you and your company all the best for the future and I look forward to returning to China . a great and amazing country Kind regards

Dave and Karen


Letter  No.311

Name: Karshan
Date: jeudi 6 avril 2017 10:23
Sub: Re: FINAL ITINERARY & HOTEL LIST E0321-2017-CHHZ-15A [ BUS: #6] )

Dear Wen

We just returned back from our holiday in China.

We had a wonderful experience.

Please convey our thanks to all you at Sinorama and especially out tour guide '' Ms. Bella'' she was very helpful.

I will recommend Sinorama to my friends and family.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards



Letter  No.310

Name: Hope Keesling
Date: 2017-03-30 09:34
Tour: 15 day Wild China tour
Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

Hi. My husband David and I just returned from your China tour and found it to be excellent, and such a great value! Our Tour Director for the entire trip was Cathy Lee. She was brilliant and so helpful from the moment we arrived in Beijing until she saw us off at Shanghai's security gate. We learned so much from her, and from all the local guides provided too.

The hotels were very good to excellent.

The meals were plentiful and I enjoyed all the freshly prepared vegetables in particular.

Our bus of 27 folks all raved about Sinorama and the amazing places we were visiting, plus all the excursions and admission prices which were included in the package. We saw so much. Yes, it was tiring. Yes, we could have enjoyed less time on the bus and maybe smaller, quick lunches instead of the elaborate meal twice a day. But these were all minor issues compared to the overall experience. Cathy Lee clearly communicated the day's itinerary and departure times. She always had the room keys waiting upon arrival at the hotels.

Luggage was properly handled. Any questions or concerns were immediately addressed by her. Her fluent English was wonderful and she managed to teach us some Chinese too. Her knowledge of Chinese history and culture was amazing and her ability to impart the most import things a sign of a true teacher. Cathy's love for her country was infectious too. We will be telling all our friends about our wonderful visit to China, courtesy of Sinorama Tours. Thank you for making all this possible, and for hiring only the best !!

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes


Letter  No.309

From: Robert Holbrook
Date: jeudi 30 mars 2017 14:14
Subject: E0309-2017-CHSB-15B UP1-2
To: SinoramaGroupforUK

Hello Sinorama,

We would just like to say how much we enjoyed our recent tour of Beautiful China and what a pleasure it was to meet so many lovely people. We especially would also like to say how wonderful our tour guide, Mr Michael Du was and how helpful at all times he was. He was always there to help no matter what the problem was. The tour would not have been the same without him, what a lovely man. Kind Regards, Robert and Mina Holbrook.

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Letter  No.308

Name: Anita Wright
Date: 2017-03-30 09:34
Tour: E0311-2017-CH-12B
Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

I was delighted with the Dream of China 12 day tour we took from March 11, it was fantastic, informative and excellent value.

The places we saw in that short time were amazing. This really is a very professional company, and they make sure they give you value for your money. The internal flights were great, on time, comfortable, just really great.

The national tour guide for this vacation, his name was Alex deserves to be complimented for the most excellent work. What a very polite, well spoken, and a very intelligent man. He is so very knowledgeable, competent and caring. Nothing was too small for him to attend to. and for the whole time we were with him he was a constant, integral part of the tour. He had a great sense of humor. He never left our side, and made sure we were all comfortable and all our needs were taken care of.

He really is a great credit to Sinorama's staff and to the Chinese people. Again I repeat he made this tour a huge success and deserves whatever credits Sinorama do to reward their guides.

The local guides were excellent also, all very well informed and knowledgeable. Every aspect of the holiday was well run and organized perfectly by very professional people. We didn’t have to do a thing, everything was arranged perfectly for us.. The hotels and river boat cruise ship were 5*++ as were their staff. We met some fabulous people from all walks of life, and will be definitely recommending this to our friend and families to enjoy China as we did. Thank you all, we will be travelling again with you next year to see even more of China.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes


Letter  No.307

Name: Bev
Date: mercredi 29 mars 2017 15:17
Sub: Re: FINAL ITINERARY & HOTEL LIST (E0309-2017-CHSB-15B [ BUS: #3 ] )

Dear Wen

Just a line to say what a fabulous holiday we have just had. It was truly a wonderful experience and we enjoyed every moment. Our Guide Wei Li was wonderful and took care of us every step of the way. The local guides were very good too, all very well informed and knowledgeable. Every aspect of the holiday was well run and organised perfectly. The hotels and ship were 5* as were their staff. We met some lovely people and will be definitely recommending our friend and families to enjoy China as we did.

Many thanks to you.

Kind regards



Letter  No.306

Name: Dennis Partington
Date: 2017-03-22 17:21
Tour: Sinorama China tour E0216-2017-CHSS-21A attention Qian Hong Founder Sinorama
Montreal office

Qian Hong Founder Sinorama

Dear Sir.

My name is Dennis Partington and I was on the above tour to China

I was very happy with the China tour, it was fantastic, informative and excellant value.

However that is not why I want to make contact with you.

The national tour guide for this vacation, name Leo deserves to be complimented for performing an excellent job. He is a very polite, well spoken, and a very intelligent man. He is very knowledgeable, competent and caring. Nothing was too small for him to attend to. And for the whole 21 days he was a constant, integral part of the tour. Without him our tour would have been much less enjoyable.

He is a great credit to Sinorama's staff and to the Chinese people. Again I repeat he made this tour a huge success and deserves whatever credits Sinorama do to reward their guides.

If you want to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.

dennisjames. e mail address

514 694 2488

Blessed are the cracked

for they let in the light


Letter  No.305

Name: Roland Roberts
Date: 21/03/2017 17:23
Tour Code: E0303-2017-CH-15B#24,25
Montreal office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments My wife and I and six friends embarked on this Chinese adventure with your Company in March 2017.

We do not usually go on organised trips but we are so glad we signed up for this one. The holiday was excellent!!! From arrival at Bejing Airport until our departure from Shanghai we were cared for by our permanent guide David. His care and attention towards all the members of our group was exceptional and very professional,as were all the local guides too. The holiday was all it said it would be,the organisation of all internal flights,entrance to all the places of interest (too numerous to mention),hotel check in (all hotels were good ), all meals plus The Yangtze River Cruise was excellent.

This Chinese adventure will stay with us forever so if anyone is thinking about it,book it !!!!

Roland Roberts


The Canadian 8 pack.

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes


Letter  No.304

Name: Richard Figueroa
Date: 16/03/2017 14:53
Tour Code: E0307-2017-CHRL-10A
Vancouver office

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments

I am writing this on behalf of my two parents, in which both were sent on this vacation tour by my brother and myself, as a gift for their retirement. its only been a couple hours since we picked them up at the airport and they are absolutely delighted and elated by the tour and the service. My father in particular, he explained to me how amazing the tour guide-INGRED 008613381075871- who took special care and was patient with him from the first day until the last. He has a bad knee and would use a cane or walker during parts of the tour and was surprised to have Ingrid take such special care and treatment for his disability. Both my parents loved the second tour guide's energy and personality, he goes by SIDNEY. They said he was an absolute pleasure to be around and listen too. A very funny guy exclaimed my parents. My mother and father were taken away by the experiences brought on by the tour guides and the package, especially for the price! They loved the shows, adored the people, the rich history , beautiful scenery and of course the food. The hotels and cruise ship were both outstanding. Needless to say both my parents are extremely happy with the trip and how they were taken care of. they wanted me to express all of this thru this testimonial, and to say "thank you very much" for the lasting memory they took from this vacation. They will gladly tell all of their friends and family of the service and the experience in China for years to come.

Special thanks from Jorge Rolando Figueroa-Deleon and Dora Elizeth Figueroa


Letter  No.303

From: Hu**** Pa****
Date: lundi 9 janvier 2017 15:52
Subject: Imperial China
To: SinoramaGroupforUK

Hello Sinorama

My wife and I embarked on this Chinese adventure with your Company in November 2016. On our return we were confronted by Christmas and New Year so hence the late review.

We do not usually go on organised trips but we are so glad we signed up for this one. The holiday was excellent!!! From arrival at Bejing Airport until our departure from Shanghai we were cared for by our permanent guide Shelley. Her care and attention towards all the members of our group was exceptional and very professional,as were all the local guides too. The holiday was all it said it would be,the organisation of all internal flights,entrance to all the places of interest (too numerous to mention),hotel check in (all hotels were good ), all meals plus The Yangtze River Cruise was excellent.

This Chinese adventure will stay with us forever so if anyone is thinking about it,book it !!!!

Thanks again Shelley

B**** & C****

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Letter  No.302

From: Natasha C
Date: 8 January 2017 at 16:47
Subject: E1201-2016-CHBJ-12B #1
To: Sinorama

Re: Tour Code: E1201-2016-CHBJ-12B #1

Marvelous China + Yangtze River Three Gorges Cruise 12 Days

Booking process was easy. I booked last minute and was travelling alone. Applied for VISA on my own, took 3 days in Ottawa.

This was an amazing trip and I can't wait to return to China with Sinorama.

I am a 30+ woman travelling alone and I picked this tour since there were excursions daily and I was going to be busy. I was exhausted by the end of my tour and I loved it.

By day 2 I had made great friends and our tour guide Forrest (ZHANG SI SHUN) was beyond amazing.

I will blinding pick a tour that he is heading. I don't have enough words to express how excellent he is. I loved China and I can't wait to go back.

Hotels were all excellent and 5star, excursions were all well planned and informative. The local guides were great in sharing information. I learnt a lot of chinese in 12 days.

I have no complaints and only amazing memories and friendships.

Natasha C


Letter  No.301

From: Dr. Robert and Janet Segal
Date: 8 January 2017 at 16:37
Subject: 客人表揚信 E1120-2016-CHHZ-15A#44-45
To: Sinorama

Re: Tour Code: E1120-2016-CHHZ-15A #44-45

Sinorama Holidays, Inc.

We want you to know that our tour guide, Michael Huang was exceptional. My husband Dr. Robert Segal and I have met many travel professionals, but we have never met a guide with such knowledge, expertise and kindness.

-he was instrumental in our Bus #10 group becoming a family

-he narrated our tour with knowledge and humor

-the arrangements were impeccable and smoothly executed

-our luggage arrived safely at each destination

-meals were arranged perfectly and we always ate on time. He made sure that vegetarians (including us) had excellent lunches and dinners

-the hotels were beautiful, clean, with extra large rooms and delicious breakfasts

But most importantly, we felt that he would keep us safe in a foreign country where we did not know the language and we had an experience to prove it!

Towards the end of the tour, my husband had a medical emergency. Michael assisted us in selecting a hospital where he received excellent care. He kept in touch with us by telephone and even came by to check on us.

Michael showed us that he enjoys being a tour guide, takes his job seriously and did whatever was needed to ensure that we had a fabulous visit to China.

Dr. Robert and Janet Segal


Letter  No.-300-

Name: Sue Hall
Tour Code: Wild China 15 days E1205 2016 CHHZ-15A
Please select the office follow your file: Montreal office
Phone: *************
Please Rate For our service: - Excellent

We have just returned from our Wild China trip on 20 December 2016 and cannot rave about the trip enough!!! When the deal popped up in an email, I was rather dubious as to the quality and the inclusions. After phoning several times to confirm that everything was included, we booked for my sister and husband and ourselves to be a part of the trip.

Let the adventure begin....we decided to do some independent travels to see the Terracotta Warriors in Xian and Sinorama assisted us with the booking by organising the internal flight from Guangzhou to Xian and then Xian to Beijing by allowing us to utilise the airfare and paying a 'break the journey' price which was most competitive. Sinorama also booked the Beijing hotel for an extra night so that we would be ready to meet the group when they flew in from their respective departure cities. All bookings were accurate and hassle free.

When we arrived at Brisbane airport for our leg to Guangzhou, we were all upgraded to premium economy (complimentary :) Thanks China Eastern Airlines!! Wow, a great start to a holiday that was embarked upon with few expectations. After travelling up to Beijing, we were rather amazed at the calibre of the hotel: big rooms and lavish settings with helpful reception staff. After a day of personal sightseeing, we were met by the tour guides, Mike and Winston. Right from our first meeting, they were amazing. Their English was excellent and their knowledge impressive.

We boarded the bus and from here on, the trip was flawless. This recommendation could be several pages long BUT I will refrain from that and give a synopsis as to why YOU should book Sinorama for your next holiday. The list goes like this: excellent tour guides (we had Mike as our tour guide and he is the most friendly, organised, helpful tour guide that went out of his way to ensure that we all knew exactly what was happening and the details of our daily adventures; the hotels were terrific and the buffet lunches, breakfasts and dinners were plentiful and generous in their servings - we had a person that had dietary requirements at our table and there was always a 'special plate' brought to the table for her; every tour and excursion was paid for and we were presented with a 'local' guide to assist us in grasping knowledge about their particular city; there was adequate free time for us to do our own exploring and, whilst a couple of the hotels were a little out of the main part of the city, we rode the subways very easily and managed to make it home each night safely after immersing ourselves in the culture of the locals; the choice of excursion places was perfect making the holiday unrushed yet extensive in the sights; the bus drivers were accomplished in coping with Chinese traffic - mmm not something that we would like to attempt; everyone on the bus was friendly and punctual thanks to Mike encouraging us to do the right thing by our fellow travellers; the Yangtze River cruise was a more relaxed pace and such a different way to see beautiful scenery with great cabins and facilities; the visits to local shops/factories were to be expected as this is very common practice on tours but, at no stage, did we feel pressured to purchase anything and the information was most interesting and gave us an insight into the history and depth of the Chinese culture.

As frequent travellers, we felt that the whole trip was undersold as the itinerary did not intimate the amount of additional tours and sights that were inclusive of the package. This was most welcoming. Even though we were busy and some mornings we were off to an early start, how can you expect to cover so much ground in such an expansive country? At no stage did we feel like cattle being herded everywhere and we felt there was enough time for exploration and discovery.

Thank you so much for putting together such a tremendous journey - it totally exceeded our expectations for any trip let alone one that was at such a bargain price. We most certainly will be participants on another Sinorama holiday. It is with much excitement that we await the next package to see more of such an amazing country steeped in history and contrasts. Next time, we hope to bring some more Aussie friends with us........Regards from Russell and Sue Hall, Ken and Jenny Gibson, Queensland Australia..


Letter  No.299

From: Linda
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2016 5:18 PM
To: sinorama
Subject: We thank for your feedback


Letter  No.298

De : Jean Francois Belisle []
Envoyé : 3 décembre 2016 15:46
À : Martin Gabelier;
Cc :; Yves Marie Lavoie; Ray Louise Bolduc
Objet : Re: Sinorama Smile of China , with Steven Bi

To whom it may concern:

My name is Jean-Francois Belisle I was also part of the group of eight in the trip to China from November 17 to December 01 Smile of China Tour.

Fantastic trip , Hotels , Meals , Guide and Local guides , Itinerary all perfect ...

As for the weather ... No one can control Mother Nature !

To get back to our tour guide for the 15 days , Mr. Steven Bi .

Steven was always a step ahead taking good care of all of us and was generous of his time an comments .

In summation, due to his great attitude, dedication and excellent potential, I would heartily recommend Mr. Steven Bi as a tour guide . I am sure that he would not let you down and would be as great an asset to your team as he has been to mine.

We , Sylvie and I , will recommend Sinorama to our family and friends with no doubts ! And we both agree on Martin's comment ... More time off will be great , just to fill more the real Chinese life .

Best regards , and long life to Sinorama !

Hope to see you again !

Jean-Francois Belisle and Sylvie Lafortune .

Montreal ,Quebec .


Letter  No.297

Subject: Sinorama Smile of China , with Steven Bi
From: Martin Gabelier
Date: 5 dec 2016 at 13:45


Just came back from smile of China Sinorama tour . Nov 17 - Dec 01 2016.

Beijing , x,ian , Shanghai.

Wow Wow & Wow even with the weather , the tour was fantastic , mainly due to our Guide Steven Bi , supported by the local Guide . Thanks to Steven for all the info provided during the tour .

Of course i will recomand Sinorama to my friends.

Thing to improved for Sinorama .

bit more free time would be nice ie: the Beijing food Market and shanghai shopping Street ....... this would give us the time to feel the Chinese life a bit more This could be done by reducing the time at the Jade store , Terracotta store and the other store .

Again Big thanks to Steven from our group of 8 .

Merci. Martin & Joanne . Montreal .

Envoyé de mon iPad


Letter  No.296

Subject: E1110-2016-CHXA-12A #5
From: Ellen LaGreco
Date: 4 dec 2016 at 12:55

Re: Tour Code: E1110-2016-CHXA-12A #5

Dear Madam or Sir,

I'm really not sure who to address this to but I hope it gets passed on to the correct person. I took your Focus of China tour from 11/10/16 to 11/21/16. I would like you to know, how pleased we were with the entire tour. Our accommodations were in beautiful hotels and our meals were always very good. When we arrived on the ship, it was just as nice as all our hotels. The entire staff was very helpful and our meals on board were also very good. My main reason for writing this letter is because of our tour guide, Bella. On our way to the Terra Cotta Army excavation site, I suddenly became very ill. Bella felt it was best for me to go to a hospital, she arranged an ambulance to transport me and Gail, who I was traveling with. Bella stayed with us and translated everything that was being said. When I felt I was able to leave the hospital, Bella took care of our return to the hotel. She also made arrangements for me to see the doctor that was on the ship, as soon as we arrived. She wanted to make sure he would be able to treat me while we were on the cruise. If not, I would have gone to a hospital Chongqing.

The Doctor was very helpful at treating me and I starting improving right away. I was able to do most of the excursions and was able to enjoy the rest of the wonderful trip.

I really appreciate everything Bella did for me, she was very professional and very concerned about my health. Again, I just want you to know how much Bella did for me and how much I appreciated it. This trip could have had a completely different outcome without Bella.

Sincerely Yours,

Ellen LaGreco


Letter  No.295

Tour Code E1116-2016-BJYZ-11B #1
Montreal office


Just a couple of lines to let you know that we are back home in New Brunswick, and to tell you that we really enjoyed our tour of China. It was a most memorable experience. It is certainly a buzzing country, and the places that we visited were most interesting. The hotels we stayed in were just great & the service excellent.

We had an excellent guide by the name of Shelly, she is most knowledgeable in what she is doing and very interesting to listen to, unfortunately it is hard to capture and keep into our mind all that was said, but she is one of the best. She is also a very responsible person for her group of people and we felt very safe and secure with her.

For you Natalie we also want to thank you for the excellent service that you provided us in both French and English and we were glad to be able to work with you on this trip organization Rest assured that we are looking forward to maybe booking again with Sinorama a tour in some other destination, and if you can suggest some other country to visit we are certainly open to that. This would be in the fall of next year (2017) since we spend Jan.,Feb. March & part of April in Mexico.

Xie Xie Natalie

Hope to be in touch again for another tour



Letter  No.294

Name Claude Bacon
Tour Code E1117-2016-CHHS-15
Montreal office
Phone ********
Email ba*******

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments:

Thank you.
Me and my wife had a memorable trip beyond our expectations.All aspects of this trip (food,lodging,cleanliness,transportation,the visits and especially our tour manager who was with us for the two weeks. My very special thanks to Steven Bi our tour manager who went above and beyond to make this tour a confortable and unique experience.

Sinorama is the best

Claude Bacon

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes
By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.293

Subject: E1103-2016-CHHZ-15A#34,35
From: Chih & Shirlin
Date: 23 November 2016 at 16:55

RE: Tour Code E1103-2016-CHHZ-15A #34,35
Dear Sinorama,
My husband and I went on the Wild China 15 Days Tour from Nov. 3 to Nov. 17, 2016. It is the first time for us visiting China together. We had a very good memories for our trip and very enjoyed our tour with all members during this trip.
Our tour guide, Mr. Jeffrey Summer was our primary tour guide and was totally professional, knowledgeable and conscientious.He went above and beyond to make sure our trip was perfect! He was humorous, and most important of all, he cared about the people in our group. Our hotel accommodations were excellent, our travel arrangements were all efficient and handled with ease, our traveling companions totally enjoyable and, of course, our tour stops were all memories of a lifetime.
Our favorite stop was stay on the Yangtze river cruise, we want to special thanks the waiter of our table, Jeff Qui, he always has big smile for us every time we saw him, and did his best service to everyone in his serving tables.
It is hard to believe there is a better value for the money anywhere. We will highly recommend your company tours to anyone of our friends. Please pass our thanks to all your staffs that arrange this plan and throughout the trip.
Chih & Shirlin


Letter  No.292

Subject: E1028-2016-CHTZ-12B#4
From: Charles
Date: 23 November 2016 at 16:52

Sinorama, I just returned from my tour which I enjoyed very much. The "national guide" Lisa Sun was excellent.Sinorama delivered 100% of what they promised and their mastery of logistics allowed us to maximize time at each cultural and historic site. The hotels were excellent, especially the hotel in Beijing which was the most luxurious I've ever stayed at. The meals – all of which were included in the price – were ample and nutritious, and the quick family-style service minimized the time away from sightseeing that a-la-carte gourmet dining would have involved. I already have recommended Sinorama to friends who would appreciate a highly educational tour of China at an unbeatable price.



Letter  No.291

From: Inga Hillyar
Date: Sat, October 29, 2016 6:37 pm
To: ""

Dear Sinorama,

Its already more than a month since we came back and I just still wanted to tell you about our / your wonderful guide, Forrest. He made the whole duration fantastic. I realize you and your researchers have worked hard to make the trip as interesting and brilliant as possible - and it really was! Full credit. But "on the ground" Forrest was absolutely great. More than helpful, funny, knowledgeable and always there to sort out whatever needed sorting. From early, early in the morning till the last one of us finally went to bed. We could not have wanted for a more attentive and helpful guide.

I would also like to specially mention two of the local guides; Maria and Amy. I may be wrong but I believe Mary, a great professional, was in Wuhan and Amy I know, was a total sweetheart in Guilin. Both were exceptional. Fun, warm and knowledgeable. They, like Forrest gave much more than was expected of them. They told us some of their personal stories which painted pictures of life in China both now and in the past which made it very much more interesting than just facts.

I am obviously writing this to bring your attention to all three of these exceptional guides so that perhaps you may make sure to keep them for your clients and make their travels in China equally successful.

Hoping you let them know that one of their happy guests has written to make sure you know of their talents. There was absolutely nothing wrong with any of the other local guides, just that these three were very much more fantastic.

I will look out for more of your trips. I am a single lady - (happily divorced) - traveled together with my brother this time but don't want to do that too often! - All 36 of us in the group worked very well together and some of us are keeping in touch.

All in all, a VERY successful, wonderful time. Thank you so much for your part in all this.

With many best wishes,

Inga Hillyar

P.S.: Please pass this on to all your colleagues. Thank you. I.H.


Letter  No.290

Subject: Tour Code: E1010-2016-CHHZ-15A #23,24
From: Lonnie and Trish
Date: 2016-11-02 11:43
To: ""

Re: Tour Code: E1010-2016-CHHZ-15A #23,24

My wife and I went on the Wild China Tour from Oct. 10-25, 2016 to celebrate her 70th birthday. Although you have not asked for feedback we are now awake enough to provide some anyway to you and anyone else who might be considering a trip

First, we consider the tour to be an absolutely outstanding value - putting a visit to China within reach of many middle class Americans who may have dreamed of going there. My first thought of China was as a young kid setting off firecrackers and looking at the symbols on the newspaper bits after the explosion. Never thought I might actually get there some day.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about how good a tour could be at that price. Well, I am over the skepticism! When you advertised five star hotels I thought that would probably really mean two or maybe three star. I was wrong. I would rate most every hotel as a solid four star establishment, at least. Don't be fooled by your image of Howard Johnsons, as I was. The Ho Jo at Wuhan is regal. In addition to the rooms, the hotels had great food. No, it was not just like staying at the Holiday Inn Express and eating their sticky buns. It's better. We enjoyed the large variety different local foods (except for the bitter black mushroom jello) but also found analogs of some familiar foods as well. Hotels had 40 or 50 item buffets and restaurants had 15+ dishes served on a lazy susan. We always got to try the various local beers.

Having traveled a fair amount in Central and South America I took an arsenal of antibiotics and lomotil which, as it turned out, just unnecessarily took up space for all the things we wanted to bring back from China. We were told upon arriving that we could comfortably eat at any hotel or restaurant Sinorama took us to. Doubting this, I ate light and the foods were in fact initially strange to me. But the hungrier I got the more I ate and the better the food tasted. Actually, without access to all the fat and sugar I normally eat at home my digestion improved in China. I will try to eat more bok choy, other veggies and green tea at home.

The tour did keep us on a brisk pace. But why pay good money to flop around when there are so many wonderful things to see? We covered about 2,300 miles in country, traveling on domestic airlines, bus, and a high speed train that got up to 230 kpm. A number of high speed trains are under construction around China and I am pleased we got to experience one. We did have several long bus rides but China is a really big place. All the busses were comfortable and clean and the drivers skillful and cordial.

The Century Diamond cruise on the Yangtzee was truly a high point. The craft was squeaky clean, the food superb (we event got custom omelettes and bacon for breakfast - along with umpteen other dishes). The cabins were very comfortable and well maintained and the staff was friendly and accommodating. Crusing past the towering and sheer limestone rockfaces was breathtaking. Just sitting on the balcony and watching the river and the people on it pass by was quite tranquilizing and dream-like. Not to discount all the other stops such as the Forbidden City, the Huangpu river cruise in Shanghai and the night Hutong visit in Beijing, the Great Wall was a absolute high. A true wonder of human accomplishment! Certainly it presages the breathtaking development now taking place in China. There are high rises going up everywhere with one city having over 3,000 buildings over 40 stories. New cars fill (and I do mean fill) the roads in the cities (reminds me of LA on steroids). There are uncluttered and modern interstates between cities. I did quickly learn to watch out for the silent electric scooters that do not turn on headlights at night. Look left, right and then right again.

There were 35 people in our tour group. All were helpful, positive and supportive of others. Lots of humor and joking around. Don't know how this group composition happened but it is not just random. I suppose it says something about the type of people who are attracted to this type of travel.

My wife and I have traveled a fair amount but have never been on a tour. I can honestly say had I tried to replicate the Sinorama tour on an individual basis I could have not have. Not in price, stress level, smoothness of logistics or breadth of coverage.

The best for last. We can not praise our guide, Winston Li enough! He was absolutely wonderful. He was fun, knowledgeable and very kind. He gave us just enough information (but didn't overload us). His amusing and insightful cultural insights were a big part of the takeaway from this tour and didn't take up any suitcase space. We feel we have a much better understainding of China and its people because of Winston. His command of english including pronunciation and colloquialisms is outstanding. He would unfailingly answer our questions until we ran out of them.
His management of all the logistics was just superb. Amazingly, even with all the visits no one was lost for very long. Winston was like a shepherd watching over his flock. Seems like whenever we were a little in doubt Winston magically seemed to show up, always anticipating what people needed. To show you the kind of individual he is, we had one person on the tour who had trouble with stairs on the return hike at Yellow Mountain. He literally put her on his back and carried her. I consider this far above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone loved Winston. He truly sets the standard for excellence in his profession!

If anyone reading this is thinking about going to China, go Sinorama.

Lonnie and Trish


Letter  No.289

Subject: RE:Tour Code E0915-2016-CH-19B #28
From:Maggie and Bill
Date: 2016-11-01 14:12
To: ""

RE: Tour Code E0915-2016-CH-19B #28
Just a thank you to your company for our excellent tour into China. It was packed with so many different things to see from Beijing, the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors site, Shanghai, Hong Kong, the cruise on the Yangtze, Chinese cultural events...... and so many things in between!
We met so many lovely people on our tour from our travel group to staff at restaurants or hotels and our travel guides. We can't say enough nice things about our guide, Joe. He was a delightful young man with so much knowledge of the places we went and he was able to keep us all on our schedule which can be a difficult task with 28 people/personalities. Joe always did this with a smile and a kind and caring way. He was able to maintain a sense of humour even if dealing with many details and the occasional unforeseen issue. Joe helped to make this tour the interesting and fun time it was. We all wanted to take him home with us!
From when we first thought of booking this tour (emailing many questions to Sinorama and getting prompt answers) to landing home after a very busy 19 days of sightseeing, in-country flights, high speed train, buses, tour boats, etc, looking back, we would not have missed it for the world. We will recommend your agency to any friends interested in experiencing China.
Thank you Sinorama!

Maggie and Bill


Letter  No.288


Letter  No.287

Subject: RE: E1002-2016-CHHZ-15A#13,14
From:Moe and Brenda
Date: 2016-10-18 10:22
To: ""

RE: E1002-2016-CHHZ-15A#13,14
Dear Sinorama folks,
We have just returned from the "Wild China" tour Oct. 2-16 2016. We are very impressed with the amount of sights we were able to see across a wide area of China in just fifteen days. The high points of the tour for us were the Great Wall and the (unexpected) Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) hike.
The tour was also very affordable, and we're encouraging all our friends to try it!
Accommodations were excellent, especially in Shanghai and Wuhan. Our national guide, Tom, was outstanding in knowledge and was very helpful, patient, and kind with a member of the tour who found that she couldn't do all the climbing. Very impressive.
The local guides each were excellent and each added a unique, everyday perspective to our tour, as well as some basic history and background. It makes us eager to consume more books about China's history, before our next visit.
This tour was an excellent way to introduce us to China for the first time, and we will be back!
Highly recommended.

Moe and Brenda


Letter  No.286

Subject: E0912-2016-CHBJ-10B #1,2
From: Dudley and Donna
Date: 2016-10-15 14:45
To: ""

Re: Tour Code: E0912-2016-CHBJ-10B #1,2
Just a quick note to let your know that we thoroughly enjoyed our tour of China and were so pleasantly surprised at how efficiently and effectively the entire tour was conducted. Everything was first class and would highly recommend your company tours to anyone. We do not believe there is a better value for the money anywhere. Our tour guide, Mr. John Wen was also top-notch as were our other local guides. John was our primary tour guide and was totally professional, knowledgeable and conscientious. Our hotel accommodations were excellent, our travel arrangements were all efficient and handled with ease, our traveling companions totally enjoyable and, of course, our tour stops were all memories of a lifetime.
Dudley and Donna


Letter  No.285

Subject: Re: Thank you
From: pauline
Date: Sun, October 09, 2016 9:13 pm
To: ""

My husband and I have just returned from one of your tours to China - ref EO915-2016-CHGB-19B
I had to write to you to say a huge thank you, We had a wonderful time and were so pleased with the whole trip.
The quality of the hotels, restaurants and guides were excellent. A special thank you to our National guide, Mr Zhu,Joe who was incredible.
His English and his knowledge were very good. We all loved his warm, cheerful personality and were sorry to say goodbye.
We will be recommending your Company to all our friends and neighbours.
Thank you once again for a wonderful experience.
Yours sincerely
Pauline West and Graham Wallbank


Letter  No.284

Subject: Tour code: E0902-2016-CHTZ-12B #11,12
From: ******
Date: 2016-10-10 10:57
To: Sinorama Holidays

Re: Tour Code: E0902-2016-CHTZ-12B #11,12

Mr Yee I want to let you know that the Sinorama tour that we just returned from was simply the GREATEST! Sinorama provided the attention to detail that is rarely found on similar tours. The flights, hotels,connections,tours,meals,were planned faultlessly by Sinorama. Your company has done their homework very well! We would certainly use your company again and would recommend Sinorama to our friends and family.Also we would like to sing the praises of our tour guide Phoebe Cao who made a great vacation even greater. Until we book again.........

Joe and Joy


Letter  No.283

Subject: Tour code: E0920-2016-CHVN-14B#1,2
From: ******
Date: 2016-10-11 13:59
To: Sinorama Holidays

Please Rate For our service - Excellent

Your comments Thanks so much for a totally awesome trip through China and Vietnam! While the trip was only for 2 weeks, we felt we had been away for longer, so much sights and experiences . Our guides in China and Vietnam were stellar! Leo in China accommodated us in every way in his knowledge, making arrangements for us, etc and he felt like part of the family. For Vietnam, "Chucky" Huew?had us laughing from the moment he met us at the Ho Chi Minh airport. While we were tired and cranky and hot from the 2 flights there from Saigon, we forgot all our troubles when he boarded with us on the bus to take us to our hotel. He was full of information on all the sights, etc in Vietnam and kept us laughing the whole time.
It was certainly tiring with all the flights...would have liked to have spent a little more time in both Shanghai and also Vietnam, but we did get to see quite a bit there despite the small amount of time. The Yangtze River and Three Gorges cruise was amazing....what a fabulous experience and the whole way made for lots of photo opportunities. Accommodations everywhere were fabulous.
Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful experience in this unique part of the world!

Will you recommend Sinorama to your friends or/and your family? - Yes
By which way do you know Sinorama? - Internet


Letter  No.282

Subject: Tour code: E0824-2016-CHTH-15 #14,15
From: ******
Date: 20 September 2016 at 10:49
To: Sinorama Holidays

We just got back from on 9/ 7 from one of the best tours I have been on. The hotels that Sinorama had booked for us were terrific. There was a good balance of time on your own. The guides in each city were good, but Michael Huang our main guide was the best. He shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for China and gave looked after us so well. He is obviously very experienced and capable. The cruise on the Yangtze was delightful.
Please thank your team for a job well done !


Letter  No.281

Subject: Tour code: E0512-2016-CHTZ-12A #15,16
From: ******
Date: 22 Aug 2016 at 13:34
To: To the management of Sinorama Holidays

I would like you to know that my sister and I had a wonderful experience with your company on our tour of China in May! It was wonderful value for the money. We heard constant positive comments from the people on our bus (#4). Everything was extremely well organized. The hotels were lovely. The sites we visited were amazing! We are both experienced cruisers and were very satisfied with our cruise experience.
The food was acceptable and, considering the cost of our trip, we were very satisfied. We only had two bad meals in the whole two weeks, one being the restaurant on the last night in Shanghai.
Except for the Beijing opera, the entertainment was excellent! We were lucky enough to get the bonus of the free Cirque du Soleil show in Wuhan. It would be wonderful if that could be included for other guests.
We appreciated the help of Natalie Feng and especially, Fiona Lam, as she was handling our account near the end when we wanted to upgrade our airplane seats and when we had questions re filling out our visa applications. So, we are sending a very big thank you to Fiona! She helped make our experience even better!
All the local guides we had were wonderful. Tom, our tour leader was OUTSTANDING!!!! He took such good care of us, making sure we kept to the schedule and helping anyone who had issues. He even went to the emergency room with one of the couples and stayed with them for the whole five hour wait. He was knowledgeable, personable, well spoken and had so much information to offer. I hope that you realize how lucky you are to have such an amazing person working for you!
We have been telling all our friends and relatives what an amazing experience we had and recommending your company to anyone who might be interested in China. In fact, I have four different sets of friends who travelled to China with Sinorama and they all highly recommended you to me.
Thank you!


Letter  No.280

Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0606-2016-CHSH-12A #24,25
From: Laura Mackay
Date: 26 July 2016 at 17:47
To: Sinorama Holidays

To whom it may concern:
Thank you for a wonderful vacation in China! Winston Li was an amazing tour guide and this trip surpassed my expectations. The hotels were beautiful and the tour was well organized. We had four families on this trip and 9 children ranging in age from 17 - 4 years old. Winston did a great job facilitating our travel and giving us interesting information about China. It was nice to have the same tour guide throughout the entire trip.
As we reflect on the experience we can't believe we were able to see all the major cities AND cruise the Yangtze River for four nights. The highlight of our trip was the Three Gorges tour and simply sitting on our balcony on the Sinorama 8 and taking in the breathtaking scenery. We added the Hong Kong five day extension and this was another highlight. It loved being in the smaller, more rural areas and seeing the countryside.
The best part is my children had the chance to experience a totally different country and their view on the world is forever broadened. Thank you for putting together a wonderful travel experience and showing us the beauty of China. We had a wonderful trip!

Laura Mackay

P.S. If you ever have another tour with a lot of kids, put them with Winston. He is was great with our children and didn't bore them to death with a ton of facts repeated over and over. He has a great personality!


Letter  No.279

Subject: Re: Tour Code: E0527-2016-CH-15A #1,2
From: Tony & Loni Styer
Date: 26 July 2016 at 17:43
To: Sinorama Holidays

Dear Sinorama,
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our 15-Day Imperial China & Yangtze River trip. Every item on the itinerary was a delight, every hotel was top-notch...and our guide! Forrest is an EXCELLENT guide, in every way possible. He went above and beyond to make sure our trip was perfect! Forrest was knowledgeable about China, he was humorous, and most important of all, he cared about the people in his group. We went home feeling like we had made a new friend. Your selections of places to see were wonderful; throughout the trip, each stop was fascinating. We felt we were truly being presented with the best of China. For those thinking about taking this trip, and feeling unsure about what to expect, it should also be noted that even while walking through crowded city areas, we always felt safe. Also, for those wondering about food, there are many items to select from at every meal...although the sit-down meals do get a little repetitive by the end of the trip. Our favorite meals were breakfasts at the hotels (lots to choose from, both Asian and American) and the buffet meals on the cruise. Again, a wonderful trip that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to see China!
And did I mention what a wonderful guide Forrest was? Thank you, Forrest, for all you did to make our trip a memorable adventure!

Tony & Loni Styer
Dickson, Tennessee


Letter  No.278

From: "George Francis"
Date: Mon, June 20, 2016 5:51 pm

Dear Customer Service,
We wish to provide feedback on our recent China Tour arranged through you 27 April – 15 May 2016.
It was a truly enjoyable experience offering a good range of activities, places of interest, variety of modes of transport, natural sceneries, cultural activities, good accommodation and excellent tour guides.
The lead guide Mr. Zhang (Mark) Lu was outstanding. His management of the group was commendable showing great care, motivation and delivering on time.
Please pass on our thanks to the guides.
Sonia and George Francis.


Letter  No.277

From: Scheerer []
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2016 1:21 PM
To: Vacances Sinorama
Subject: Trip Review: (China's Yesterday, Today and Tommorow + Yangtze River Cruise 19 Days)

Attention: Dona
We recently returned from one of your Spring tours of China (May 4th to 22nd) and wanted to express our pleasure with the whole experience. It was everything you promised and more. The accommodations were outstanding. The cruise was enjoyable. Every mode of transportation, whether train, plane, bus or ship was handled efficiently. For evening entertainment, the shows were well chosen. There were minimal problems on the whole tour. I compliment your professional, courteous and efficient staff and tour directors. I especially want to praise Shelley, the tour director for our group, bus #1. Her command of the English language was excellent and her ability to present the Chinese culture made this a wonderful educational experience. Shelley was simply outstanding and professional. Nine people were added to our tour group the last few days for the Macau - Hong Kong portion; several of these additions were difficult and rude, but Shelley handled them with grace and tact. We personally had a medical injury on the trip; we appreciated the additional assistance provided by Shelley. She was excellent at problem solving. You are lucky to have her working with Sinorama. Thank you again for putting together such a delightful experience.
Richard & Jennifer Scheerer
Middleton, Wisconsin 53562


Letter  No.276

Von: C********* [mailto:c************@c*******]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016 15:00
An: Service Sinorama
Betreff: China Tour - May-June 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to say a really big thankyou on behalf of myself and my partner, R***** B*******.
We have just returned from your Tour of China trip (started on 28th. May) and had a truly wonderful experience, the amazing organisation was fantastic, any very minor hiccoughs along the way were expertly handled by your incredibly remarkable representative Emily. (I would like to say that there were no incidents that detracted from the enjoyment of this fabulous experience)
We cannot thankyou enough for this amazing experience and will have no hesitation in recommending you to one and all.
Lastly, I would like to commend all your local guides, in particular Jack in Beijing, although all the other guides were incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining. However, Emily stands out on her own – she is a fantastic guardian, friendly and incredibly personable, we miss her !
Once again, many, many thanks, keep doing what you do as it is top class.

Many regards,
B********** K*******
Purchase Ledger


Letter  No.275

Sinorama 20 Panorama tour
From: Terry and Wendy Legaarden
Date: 2016-06-14 10:25
To: "**************"

May 22 to June 10, 2016
1. Our guide Mr Mike Zhang was phenomenal. He was organized, patient, knowledgeable and above all, personable. A very capable individual!
2. The days were packed and sometimes tiring but very rewarding. It would have been nice to be able to return to the hotels before going back out for supper and shows.
3. The acrobatic show, and dumpling supper /show were outstanding. Unfortunately our ‘Impressions Liu San Je’ was flooded out.
4.The silk, colonise, jade and fresh water pearls stops were interesting and informative but more than 45 minutes for shopping afterwards is a waste of time. The Salt Water Pearl stop should be eliminated.
5. All meals and hotels were good.
6. WuHan could be eliminated.
7. The Guilin Li River excursion was excellent.
8. All the local guides were very good with the exception of our Beijing guide, ‘Richard’, who was the weakest. He did not have a lot of ‘local colour’ to tell us.
9. And finally, our Vancouver contact, Linda was great! She navigated us through damaged passports and birth certificates with quiet confidence. She is very knowledgeable and prompt in her replies. We were in good hands.

Made many great memories,
Terry and Wendy Legaarden


Letter  No.274

Customer Feedback from UK customer
From: Michael and Susan Frost
Date: 2016-06-12 15:17
To: "**************"

Dear Sir/Madam,
My wife and I took the Sinorama 15-day tour of Imperial China 4-18 May and in the absence of any prompt for feedback we wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had and how impressed we were with every aspect of the trip.
I think we first saw the offer on Travelzoo during the summer of 2015. My wife and I are both retired. I had been to China on business 3 times over the last 20 years but only to Shanghai and Wuxi. My wife had never been. This tour included all the famous sights we had heard of and seemed very good value for money so while we are still reasonbly fit and healthy, we booked to go in May 2016 in a period which included my 70th Birthday (9 May).
We were a little nervous about needing to pay for the holiday in full many months in advance, especially (with respect) to a company that we had not previously heard of. Also, I was somewhat sceptical about the claim of "5-star hotels" and apprehensive about 3 internal flights, not knowing anything about air travel within China.
We were wrong to be concerned on all three counts; we soon learned that Sinorama has become the largest tour operator for visitors to China, the hotels were all beautiful with palacial rooms and the planes and airports for the internal flights were all modern and efficiently operated.
The organisation throughout the tour exceeded our expectations - minimal need of handling our own baggage, hotel check-ins arranged efficiently on arrival by our principal tour guide, Nick, and all lunches and dinners efficiently provided.
We loved all of the great spectacles on the tour - Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Terracotta warriors, Yangtze cruise with 3-Gorges and Dam, Shanghai Bund plus the unexpected treats of the Peking Opera (the spectacle, not the music), the colourful music and dance show in Xian and the magnificent Han water show in Wuhan. Two additional things made this the most memorable holiday: on my actual birthday, as if visiting the Terracotta Army was not exciting enough, as the music and dance show was just ending later that day, the tune "Happy Birthday" was played loudly over the public address system and one of the pretty lady dancers in costume marched ceremoniously to my seat with the most wonderful birthday cake, complete with candles. Secondly, our Shanghai local guide, Emily, kindly offered to take us via the metro to ride on the impressive Maglev train - something I knew of but never expected to have the opportunity to experience it.
I hope that I have communicated to you just how much my wife and I enjoyed this holiday - I have told all of my friends about it and several of them are seriously considering doing the same thing next year.
Please accept our thanks to all of your staff involved as guides and behind the scenes and our congratulations at the excellent organisation, customer service and value for money.
Kind Regards,
Michael and Susan Frost


Letter  No.273

Tour Reference Number E0512-2016-CHGB-15A+5D,#21-22
From: Ken and Val Burnett
Date: 2016-06-10 10:02
To: "**************"

Dear Sirs,
Tour Reference Number E0512-2016-CHGB-15A+5D,#21-22
We recently returned, exhausted but very happy, from the above trip of a lifetime to China. We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated all that your company provided for us. Sinorama did us proud. The amazing itinerary covered so much, and there were even things added such as the fantastic Han Show which were not on the initial itinerary, all of the hotels lived up to their 5-star ratings if not indeed better, we loved the Chinese style meals with a great number of choices to suit everyone, the various modes of transport - flights, coaches, train, ferry, etc. - were all good, with a particular mention for the various coach drivers, the river cruise was a wonderful experience on it's own with the various off-ship excursions only adding to the interest and pleasure, the shows were all great in their own ways and were so varied such as the Beijing Opera, The Tang Dynasty Show with Dumpling Banquet, the Impressions Lium San Jie, the exciting Acrobatics Show and of course the amazing Han Show. Indeed everything that you provided and arranged for us was of the very highest standard and quality.
However, if we had to pick out the very best thing that you did for us it would have to be that you appointed Cathy Lee as our tour guide. Everything that you provided to us was enhanced by Cathy's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. It was not just her management skills, her organisation, her leadership and her knowledge - all of which were excellent - but also her wonderful personality and outlook on life which made our trip so very special. China was revealed to us by Cathy as an incredible, endlessly fascinating and incredibly rapidly developing country. Her knowledge of and obvious love for her country came over very clearly to us. We learned so much as well as of course getting so many wonderful memories. We would also mention the local guides, in particular Jerry and Alan who with the others added greatly to our experience. As well as the "big ticket" items, we also appreciated and valued the smaller items, such as the lovely coasters we were given, as well as the attention to detail such as the porters on and off the train. We also much enjoyed meeting our fellow travelers. There were some wonderful characters. We considered ourselves to be very fortunate to be "Bus 1 Table 1". They were a great bunch, superbly organised and guided by Cathy.
We will be recommending a holiday to China and in particular your company to all of our friends and family.
We wish you continued success and send our thanks for giving us a wonderful China holiday.
Ken and Val Burnett


Letter  No.272

Re: Thank you letter for excellent service
From: Barbara Trethewey
Date: 2016-06-06 15:22
To: "**************"

My husband and I just returned from the Dream of China- Yangtze River trip, as booked and organised/Chinese Visa etc./by the above Sinorama, Richmond, employee, Linda Lee.
This trip far exceeded my expectations, both in an organisational manner, and also from an educational viewpoint.
The Guides were polite, courteous, efficient, comical and organised. Our Group, Bus Number 4/Charles'group/ were royally entertained and coddled. The educational aspects from the individuals guiding in each town, site ,dam etc. displayed an in-depth knowledge of their area. The meals were more than adequate and our final farewell banquet, in Wuhan, followed by the "spectacle" rivalling, and exceeding a Las Vegas production,was spicily sumptuous!! I say spicily, as our wonderful Guide, Charles, ordered from his own pocket, some typical spicy dishes from the Wuhan Province.
I shall advise my peers to book with this group, and not hesitate to take another Sinorama adventure as well.
Thankyou, Sinorama, for a most wonderful expedition.
Barbara and Bruce Trethewey, Vernon, B.C.,Canada


Letter  No.271

Re: Tour Code: E0511-2016-CHXA-12A #7,8
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-29 17:55 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

Just wanted to let you know that we just returned from the Focus of China Tour May 12th - everything was excellent - our tour guides Kevin And Laura were outstanding. We loved China and its people. The trip exceeded our expectations. Thank you all for your great service and support. We will spread the good news about Sinorama.
Thanks again!!
Rich & Sophie
Buffalo New York USA


Letter  No.270

Re: A wonderful and truly exciting experience
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-29 17:54 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

Dear Sinorama
Thank you for a wonderful experience
What a treat!!!
From the very beginning we had an excellent experience
The whole team at the Markham office in Toronto is just a pleasure to deal with Natalie made my bookings and also conducted the orientation that we attended and she imparted us with valuable information for our trip
Great job to Sinorama Toronto staff members
We were on the tour that left May 15th 2016 for the Beauty of China 10 day tour . We were four of us Two adults and two of our daughters aged 20 and 17 in a group of 23 people
Our Team Leader ADAM was just Fantastic and just passionate about what he did
Fantastic is an understatement
He was a bundle of knowledge, made sure that the the team or rather our bus which was Bus 4 was punctual yet flexible
He made sure we were all comfortable from the time we landed in Beijing till the time we boarded the plane at Shanghai to get home to Toronto
Made sure that our meals were upto expectation and if there were any issues he would resolve it on the spot
He was a wealth of knowledge , gave us detailed information of the sites we visited in Beijing and we were very impressed also by his wordly knowledge
A great sense of humour , kept us entertained and most importantly , made sure that we were very comfortably throughout our stay in Beijing , Xian , Shouoz and Shanghai
Our tour guide in Xian and Shanghai , Jenny and Catherine were good too and also made sure that our needs were met too
We were overwhelmed by the trip in general
A flight with Air Canada from Toronto to Beijing , Bullet train from Beijing to Xian , flight from Xian to Shanghai and flight back from Shanghai to Toronto - with all the optional tours, tips ,meals Chinese visa - such great value for money
I will rate this trip a 4.5/5 ( 5 being the highest )
And I would rate Adam a 5/5 ( 5 being the highest )
And will recommend Sinorama to my friends and my colleagues anytime
Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience
Best Regards
Lincoln D'souza
Karla Clarke
Janine D'souza
Molly Earnshaw


Letter  No.269

RE: TOUR CODE: E0409-2016-CH-15A #7
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-29 16:50 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

I recently was fortunate enough to take the 15 day Imperial China tour and I must say it was a true once in a lifetime experience. Much of the experience can be attributed to our tour guide Adam (Hu) Weaver. With this only being only his second Sinorama tour, he made it an absolutely fantastic trip. He was always there to help with any of our requests. We were a group of 34 and by the end of our trip we were like one big family (Adam included). All of our hotels were first class which was a welcome sight after a long day of walking (make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes and have foot massage on the river cruise – well worth the extra money). Adam also kept us in tears (of laughter) on our bus rides from place to place with his Will Rogers sayings (this coming from an individual who has never stepped foot out of China – a very well read individual). This tour gives you all of the China highlights (the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Warriors, Three Gorges Dam) and Adam was there to give us the history behind all of these sites and many other locations. His talks were so informative that when I came home, I actually started to delve deeper into the history of China. The food was excellent (even for me, the "picky eater"). I never left the table hungry. I would highly recommend Sinorama Holidays and if you are fortunate enough to have Adam as your guide, be prepared for a person who truly cares about the welfare and enjoyment of each and every one of his clients. Thank you Sinorama and a huge thank you to Adam. Hopefully I will see you again in the future.


Letter  No.268

RE: Thank you from two happy travelers
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-22 17:51 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

Dear Sinorama,
TOUR CODE: E0412-2016-CHTZ-12B #22,23
My wife and I were very pleased and satisfied with our Sinorama tour of China, April 12th to 23rd. The experience that Sinorama provided exceeded our expectations in all regards.
Carol, our tour leader, did a wonderful job. Carol was organized, effective, attentive, informative, and lots of fun, too.
Tony, our local guide in Xi'an, did an outstanding job and was very personable.
We have recommended Sinorama to our friends and family.
Best regards,


Letter  No.267

RE: TOUR CODE: E0403-2016-CHSH-12A #16,17
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-22 17:01 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

My wife and I took your tour to China the first two weeks of April this year. We flew from south Texas to China and return. The flight was long but our trip was worth the flight.
We were met with our tour guide Tom Peter Hans. He was right at the gate with his Sinorama sign and he stayed with our group the entire tour. He made sure we were comfortable and went out of his way to help all of our group where ever we went.
There were 30 in our group so that was a large task to keep us all together all the time.
I was very impressed with Sinorama tours. (I think they must be almost as big as the Chinese government??). The entire tour and tour guide was exceptional.
We have traveled the world and without any question, Sinorama (and especially Tom Hans) was the best tour and guide we have ever seen.
We would recommend this trip, this guide and especially SINORAMA for any trip.
Thank you for such a wonderful time and for the visit to a fantastic and impressive country.
Ray and Carol


Letter  No.266

RE: TOUR CODE: E0503-2016-CHXA-12A #12,13,14
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-22 16:21 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

The Theroux's just completed the Sinorama tour To China and want to complement you on a Wonderful experience. The trip exceeded our Expectations. Our tour guide Rene made the Trip special. We can't say enough about her knowledge And professionalism. We would take a tour with Rene again. Kudos go to her.
Sharon Theroux


Letter  No.265

RE: TOUR CODE: E0504-2016-CH-15A #1,2
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-22 16:04 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

Dear Friends at Sinorama
We have just returned from our 15 day tour of China through your company. We want to thank you so much for all you did to make this a tour we will never forget. Your travel company is so very well organized and uses the best tour guides as well as local guides. Every aspect of our trip ran smoothly, all the in country flights were handled so professionally by our guide getting us all checked in with no problems whatsoever. The hotels were definitely 5 star accommodations and the river cruise was a definite highlight as well. We cannot say enough about our guide, Candy Wang. Candy was like a mother, continually looking out for us, always counting to make sure we were altogether and if there were any issues she had them cared for immediately. She was very personable, sharing her life with us and making us feel very cared for. She always let us know what to expect each day and her knowledge of all the sites and the country in general enhanced our trip greatly. I would ask that you pass along our highest regard for Candy to whomever oversees your guides, she is a definite asset to your company and was greatly loved by all 31 one of us on her bus. Thank you once again for this once in a lifetime adventure, we will definitely recommend your tour company to our friends.
With gratitude, Frank and Carol Bukoski


Letter  No.264

Subject: TOUR CODE: E0413-2016-CHTZ-12B #7,8
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-10 16:15 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

I just want to thank you for the trip of a lifetime, to China in April. From the travel, hotels (all 5 Star), to the itinerary, and our wonderful tour guide Tina, all top notch. I cannot say enough about this trip.
I admit that I was hesitant about being in the US and booking with a Canadian Company, but you took away all my fears. We could not have been handled better by any other company, answering all my emails quickly and professionally.
The group that you put us with (4 of us from Miami, and 4 from Orlando) with the 24 from Canada, were wonderfully matched up and we were all a family before the end of the first day.
Again, thank you for the trip, and for Tina. Absolutely everything was wonderful, and we would not hesitate to book with you again.
Fo******ale, FL


Letter  No.263

Subject: RE: TOUR CODE: E0421-2016-CHTZ-12B #1,2
From: ******
Date: 2016-05-10 15:17 GMT-04:00
To: "**************"

My husband Richard and I just returned from the Dream of China trip.This was our first trip to Asia and our first guided tour. I want to start out by mentioning our awesome tour leader/guide, Mike(Peng) Zhang. Being a visitor with no knowledge of the language is quite intimidating but Mike made sure we were comfortable and informed during the entire trip. I can't stress enough that Peng is an asset to your company and I hope a lifelong friend. Mike , along with the local guides, made us feel so welcome and made sure the trip was a total blast. We can never thank them enough.... even Jerry in Beijing who likes to talk....a LOT.
Every facet of the trip was very well managed, the food and lodgings far exceeded any expectations we had and we loved seeing everything you listed in our itinerary.
We are definitely going to recommend Sinorama to our friends and family and want to thank you very much for a holiday we will never forget!


Letter  No.262

Subject: Thanks to To** ****n
From: E***n
Date: Sat, May 07, 2016 1:36 pm
To: ""

To Sinorama
My husband and I have just returned from the April 20 - May 4 trip to China.
We wanted to express my sincere thanks to Tom Han who was a wonderful guide. He was very good about giving us the right information and preparing us for whatever was happening next. He was willing to do whatever was required to make sure we had a good experience.
He was incredibly patient and helpful, particularly with a disabled lady who had many problems travelling with her special wheelchair. Some of the airlines would not accept it and it had to be sent by boat but Tom tracked it down and took it with him to California on the next trip the he was working on the very next day after ours ended. Such dedication!!
We hope that Tom's hard work can be recognised and rewarded - we had a great trip, thanks to his hard work.
Elle***** ************dsall


Letter  No.261

From: David & Joy
Date: 2016-04-29 12:38 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Subject: Re: Tour Guide Commendation

Re: Tour Code: E0324-2016-CHXA-12A #8,9
I very much wanted to let your company leadership (both in Toronto and China) know how much we enjoyed the gentleman who served as our guide for most of our recent China trip.
Adam Weaver/Hu was not only an outstanding guide, but also a wonderful representative of and for the Chinese people. He was extremely knowledgeable, bright, and diligent. Our entire group felt very secure in the knowledge that Adam "had our backs" and was doing everything to make sure our vacation tour went smoothly. His insights deepened our understanding of the wonderful Chinese people and culture. He was even extremely funny and perked up many long bus rides.
I believe this was only Adam's second tour group with Sinorama. I wanted to be sure you know you have a GREAT guide working for you.
Many thanks to Sinorama for putting together a trip that was jam packed with many wonderful, thoughtful attractions and experiences.
David & Joy


Letter  No.260

From: Kathleen
Date: 2016-04-29 12:29 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Re: Tour Code: E0403-2016-CHSH-12A #20

RE: Amazing adventure
Hello Sinorama,
Just wanted to let you know that I have returned from your Gold 8 river cruise April 3-12 totally amazed and my head is still swimming with all we did and saw. It was truly jammed packed with activities and excursions, some we didn't even know we were going to be a part of(for free). All the hotels were top notch and the breakfasts were overwhelming! We loved our guide, Forrest. He was always plotting and planning for our benefit. I think we got the best of everything as he seemed to be the "top" guide and so Bus 8 was blessed to have him as our go to man.
I've never done a formal tour before, always going on my own with friends or family, doing all the planning myself but it was great to have someone else take charge and make sure everything ran smoothly. This was all Forrest, a most knowledgeable guide and loving person.
I'm still trying to catch my breath from the fast pace but then we wanted to see as much as we could in such a short time so you wouldn't want it any other way. People ask me what was my favorite part of the trip but it was all so amazing that I just can't pick one aspect.
Thanks for a great adventure and I'll highly recommend your company to others.


Letter  No.259

From: Mary Joyce, Brendan McLaughlin
Date: 2016-04-19 13:35 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Re: Tour Code: E0325-2016-CHTZ-12A #3,4

My wife and I have just returned from a most marvellous trip that we purchased from your company.
Our Chinese tour guide Cathy Lee, is a spectacular individual. We had an issue with a connection flight from Toronto in Shanghai ( no fault of Sinorama) Cathy made up what we missed on our first day so we would get all the major tourist attractions, namely the forbidden city and Tienanmen square. Cathy did more than she really needed to do, instead of telling us we missed the first day attractions because of a bad flight connection, Cathy adjusted the last day so the 10 that flew from Toronto could see these attractions. Also she made sure that we got a dinner one night even though the restaurant should have closed. Cathy made sure that nothing was sacrificed on this tour.
Cathy was very informative and a really good tour guide, especially with the different ages of her 30 people she had in her care.
The entire tour from start to finish was more than what my wife and I expected. We had comfortable tour buses, 5 star hotels, incredible local cuisine, amazing attractions and easy flow to all our different facilities we visited on this guided tour. I will be recommending this tour to all my friends and family. My wife and I also look forward to booking other Asian tours in the near future.
Mary Joyce, Brendan McLaughlin


Letter  No.258

From: Sharon
Date: 2016-04-19 13:32 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Re: Tour Code: E0324-2016-CHXA-12A #7

I was concerned about taking a trip with Sinorama because the modest price seemed to be too good, but I am happy to say the trip was very good. The accommodations were very nice, meals excellent, side trips well-planned, and generally an excellent value. The best of the trip was the excellent tour guide, Adam, who is a true gem. Adam is very intelligent, well educated, has the timing of a stand-up comedian, and just turned our group of 34 into a friendly, caring, bunch of friends. I will remember the wonderful sights of China, and the joy of seeing treasures I'd only read of, but experiencing all with the help of a great guide enhances the memory many times over. Good job, Sinorama!


Letter  No.257

From: Wayne and Maureen
Date: 2016-04-19 13:21 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Re: Tour Code: E0319-2016-CH-12B #1,2

We have just returned our Chinese tour. I was most impressed with all aspects of our tour. We were able to get a look at Chinese history and the current Chinese society. All our accommodations were first class and transportation arrangements excellent. We receive very good value for our money.
The feature of our tour that made the whole tour excellent was our tour guide Peter Huang. Peter made every event and tour stop excellent.
Wayne and Maureen


Letter  No.256

From: Louis and Christine
Date: 2016-04-19 13:19 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Subject: Re: Note of thanks for recent "Charm of China" tour!

Dear friends at Sinorama,
My husband and I recently returned from China (tour code E0326-2016-CHSH-12A). We wish to thank all involved in the planning and implementation of this dream vacation! I cannot find the words to appropriately convey how beautiful and satisfying every moment of this adventure felt! Each day flowed seamlessly from one awesome experience to the next. I especially want to thank you for employing some of China's finest young people to host us as guides in their homeland! Their commentaries, filled with history and personal stories, brought each place to life that no guide book could have done. Mr. Feng, Ruo Yi (Johnny) was our national guide. From first to last days, he was our fearless leader! With calm efficiency, good humor, knowledge and availability, we knew we were in his safe hands every minute of the was very difficult to say goodbye....he stole a piece of my heart, and I believe all who were part of his "family"! We certainly will highly recommend your agency and this trip to anyone looking for the great service Sinorama provided us!
Louis and Christine


Letter  No.255

From: Alberta Dickson
Date: 2016-04-19 13:18 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Tour Code: E0311-2016-CHTZ-12B #48

Dear Madam/Sir:
I would like to commend our guide Lisa Yan on our recent tour through China with your company. Our dates were Mar. 11-23rd, 2016. There was another Lisa also who was a guide—not to confuse them. I've forgotten our bus number now as reference.
In every way aspect of the job, she was superb. Always calm and on top of whatever was needed, prompt, friendly and attentive always to any person who might be lost in the crowd. Once I found her taking my elbow as a hundred or so people were trying to get through a small space after a performance. I had a cane, and perhaps that's why I noticed this last part.
She was funny, and interesting, and extremely knowledgeable about the history and customs of China as they related to our trip. Perhaps because her English was markedly better than that of most other guides we met locally, we had something to compare to. She was diplomatic as well, and here and there, filled in something that another guide hadn't been able to explain well—always in the most polite way.
I also saw her problem-solve when a couple of people on our tour had a problem with a store or purchase.
Please pass on to your human relations side of the company my highest compliments for her.
Alberta Dickson


Letter  No.254

From: Becky
Date: 2016-04-19 12:14 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Subject: Tour Code: E0320-2016-CHTZ-12B #1,2

Dear Sinorama,
We have been back from our Sinorama Holidays Dream of China + Yangtze River tour for a couple weeks but wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed we were! Booking the trip online through your company in Canada while we reside in the US did make me just a little nervous but through email any questions I had were addressed quickly. The information we received and what was available on your website was excellent. We were able to be completely prepared for our trip, all the information was accurate and everything we needed was presented. Every aspect of our trip was better than I expected, accommodations were excellent, the food was great as was the itinerary. Even better, there were no hidden charges, everything was included. Thank you for showing us China, it was a wonderful vacation.


Letter  No.253

From: Mag******
Date: 2016-04-19 12:09 GMT-04:00
To: ****
Subject: Such an enjoyable China trip!!!!

Let me express my thanks and gratitude to Sinorama for the most enjoyable trip since my honeymoon. I don't have words to express my thanks for the a trip that was far more than I had expected. I really didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the trip, but it went far beyond what I had expected. The hotels, restaurants, daily excursions, river cruise were absolutely all first class. I would gladly sign up for this cruise again. One of the main reasons this cruise went without any hangups was because we had a tour guide who made every effort that our needs were met. Johnny Feng looked after his group (Johnny's family}
as a mother looks after her children. He made sure that we didn't get lost. If he thought that we were lost, he would go looking for us. I wasn't familiar with the other tour guides. If they are efficient as Johnny Feng, you don't have anything to worry about.
Thank you for making this vacation one that I have been sharing with my family and friends and have so many wonderful pictures and memories of China. I can't wait to get all my pictures and movies processed and have a party and show my friends CHINA.
I will keep looking for Sinorama's tours in the future..


Letter  No.252

From: "To* Qui**"
Date: Fri, April 15, 2016 11:01 pm
To: ****

Dear Sirs,
We are now home safely from our China holiday and I am writing to let you to know just what a wonderful experience the entire trip proved to be.
In particular I would like you to know that our Tour Guide, Arnie, was particularly helpful and efficient throughout the entire period. He came across as a hard working and conscientious employee of Sinorama and is a very personable young man, has excellent English language skills and proved to be not only knowledgeable about all aspects of the holiday, Chinese culture and the venues we visited but is a thoroughly efficient and well organised administrator. He was friendly towards all the group members, without showing any bias and was patient and considerate in handling the many questions which were put to him en route. My wife and I are seasoned travellers and have taken many coach and touring holidays in the past with various firms, including Wallace Arnold and Leger Holidays. Arnie ranks as one of the best Tour Guides we have encountered and in speaking to other members of our group, who were together right from the start of the holiday on 26th March, they voiced similar opinions to my own as to his abilities and effectiveness in the job.
Thank you for providing us with such an excellent China experience and adventure. We will be happy to recommend your company to others, whenever the opportunity arises.
Yours faithfully,
To* Qui**


Letter  No.251

From: Sla***
Date: Mon, April 18, 2016 9:04 pm
Subject: RE: FW: China 19 day tour 26 March - 14 April 2016

We have just returned from your 19 day tour of China, travelling from Beijing to Hong Kong. We would like to say how much we enjoyed our holiday, and have numerous memories and hundreds of photographs to remind us of our wonderful adventure. The holiday was challenging in many ways and we are exhausted, hardly surprising when we consider how much we have seen and how far we have travelled. Every aspect of the trip was well organised and ran far more smoothly than we had anticipated, largely due to the hard work of our guide, who worked tirelessly to make sure we had the best experience. He was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable, well supported by a number of local guides.
We were very happy with all the hotels, though perhaps the Nina Tower in Hong Kong was rather impersonal and some distance from the heart of the city. The 4 night cruise was excellent. The boat was exceedingly comfortable and provided a welcome respite from the otherwise busy schedule. We were happy with the meals, though there was some monotony in the menus. We appreciated the variety of experiences included in the package. When travelling with a group - over 30 of us - it is important to remember that the schedule needed to address different interests and we feel that our itinerary did that. We remain amazed that so much could be packed into a 19 day holiday for such a reasonable price.
Mag*** Sla***


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